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Wrap Slice is the new essential product that you need. It will make you a pro of wrapping paper. Provides precise and smooth wrapped rolls. It comes with easy instructions. Being lightweight and small, you can store it in your bag, purse, box, and many more.

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Introducing Wrap Slice

Gift-wrapping services are life-saving. There is a reason why so many malls offer them. But, now you can be a pro too. Wrap Slice will make you the hero of wrapping gifts. Throw away the knife that would just put you at the risk of unwanted damage. Wrap Slice is the perfect tool for any household.

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Wrap Slice is designed to produce a perfect and straight cut every time. The wide comfort grip will prevent your hand from getting a cramp every time you make a smooth, continuous motion. Wrap everything you want with just one steady pull.

Wrap Slice is easy to use.¬†There are many concerns when it comes to scissors. Due to normal scissors’ design, you can slip while cutting a wrapping paper and have a terribly cut wrapped paper. Even worse, you can slip and cut your fingers. Wrap Slice carefully conceals the blade to ensures that only cuts being made are on the paper.

With Wrap Slice, you will wrap everything in the best, smooth, and precise way. No more separating from your kids, trying to keep them safe from any accident with scissors or knives. Thanks to its practical, safe design, Wrap Slice will make it possible for you and your kids, cousins, grandkids to have fun nights together wrapping gifts.

Wrap Slice features a stylish, oversized design that accommodates every decorative paper quantity, even the larger ones. With Wrap Slice, you will be able to use every last piece of wrapping paper. It can be used to grip onto any leftover paper rolls.

Become An Expert Of Wrapping Paper

Wrapping gifts is a fun and exciting part of the holiday season. It will be you and your family’s favorite holiday activity. But, if you don’t have the right tools, it will become a time-consuming chore.

You can freely add Wrap Slice to your box of supplies. Combine your supplies of paper, sticky tape, name tags, and bows to make the most of holiday gifts. Add Wrap Slice for the finishing touch and perfect your wrapping skills.

It is a lightweight, precision paper cutter. It comes with easy instructions. All you have to do is slide it around a roll of wrapping paper. When you roll enough paper you need, proceed to slide it from one end of the roll to the other. Have perfectly-cut paper every time you need it!

Wrap Slice doesn’t come with any exposed blades you can cut yourself on.¬†The blade is contained inside Wrap Slice. They’re safely away from your fingertips.

Wrap Slice Features

  • Easy to use – You slide it around a roll of wrapping paper. When you roll enough paper you need, proceed to slide it from one end of the roll to the other.
  • Eliminates risk – It will make you a pro of wrapping¬†paper while eliminating the risk of unwanted injuries such as cutting your fingertips or hand.
  • Portable – The device is lightweight and small. You can store it in your bag, purse, box, and many more. You can take it anywhere with you.
  • Perfect rolls¬†– It will provide you with perfect rolls anytime thanks to its precise, steady cuts every time, and with minimal effort.
  • Safe to use¬†– It has blades that are contained inside the product. They are safely away from your fingertips. It is incredibly safe, even for kids.¬†

Wrap Slice Instructions



Simply pull out the edge of wrapping paper.
Proceed to place it onto the end of the tube.

Starting The Process


Make sure the blade catches the edge of the paper.
Roll it across the wrap in a smooth motion.

Finishing Line


Continue the cuts until you have reached the other end.

Frequently asked questions

Will it cause accidental cuts?

The blades are contained inside the product. They are safely far away from your fingertips.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instructions will be included in the package.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it is very easy to use. It can be used by kids too.


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