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Williston Force Desktop AC is the new revolutionary air conditioning unit. It comes with three different fan speeds that you can select for your personal preference. It’s lightweight and portable, which enables you to take it anywhere you want. It comes with replaceable water curtains and a micro USB cable.

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Introducing Williston Force Desktop AC

Say goodbye to summer heat. Turn your indoor environment into a fresh place with the new revolutionary air conditioning unit called Williston Force Desktop AC. This product is the best solution to avoid those uncomfortable heat days. Williston Force Desktop AC is the most convenient air cooler and humidifier for relief during the summer weather.

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Being so lightweight and compact, Williston Force Desktop AC can go anywhere with you. Its unique and modern design can go with any room decor. Williston Force Desktop AC comes with three fan speeds and a variable louver for directing airflow that can be adjusted to your personal preference.

With its built-in water tank Williston Force Desktop AC will make your summer heat days easier. Unlike other AC products, Williston Force Desktop AC can be plugged into the nearest power source using the micro USB cable.

Adjust your perfect temperature

Williston Force Desktop AC comes with great benefits. It will remove the heat in every room or even at the work office. It is adjustable, keeps you fresh, and sustains the perfect temperature so hot weather will no longer be a problem.

Not only it removes the heat, but Williston Force Desktop AC even removes microorganisms in the air that our human eye can’t see. It makes your indoor environment fresh and healthy.

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Williston Force Desktop AC sucks the heat in, processes it into the water absorption curtain, and then the fresh air will come out through the air outlet. Whether you need a break from the heat or just prefer a cooler temperature, this product lets you control the conditions for relaxation or leisure. 

Installment and instructions are very simple such as:

  1. Simply add water to the top of the unit.
  2. Soak and insert the replaceable water curtains.
  3. Turn it on and enjoy the refreshing air.

Williston Force Desktop AC features

  • It creates a cooling breeze to keep the room fresh.
  • It generates cool air in a few seconds.
  • It destroys harmful micro-organisms in the air.
  • It has three fan speeds. You can optimize it to your liking.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Its modern design goes with every room decor.
  • Replaceable water curtains.

Williston Force Desktop AC benefits

Cools the air – Williston Force Desktop AC will cool the air and get rid of the heat in just a few seconds. Just plug it in and play.

Three fan speeds – Williston Force Desktop AC comes with three different settings that you can optimize to your liking.

USB cable – It comes with a micro USB cable. You can charge it almost anywhere in the nearest power source.

Easy to use – It comes with simple instructions. Simply pour the water into the top of the unit, soak and insert the replaceable water curtains, and finally turn it on.

Water tank – It has a built-in water tank used to add water.

Replaceable water curtains – Each one lasts approximately 6-8 months. When it’s time to replace, just soak and insert it.

Removes microorganisms – It will remove harmful microorganisms in your indoor environment.

Avoids heat strokes – Having Williston Force Desktop AC near you while you sleep will prevent heat strokes or overheating.

Frequently asked questions

Does it require much space?

No, thanks to its unique design, it can be put anywhere, even in the smallest spaces.

How many times should the water curtains be changed?

The replaceable water curtain lasts approximately 6-8 months.

Does it require batteries?

No, it comes with a micro USB cable and can be charged in the nearest power source.

Can it be disassembled?

For cleaning purposes, you can disassemble it into three different parts.

Are the instructions included?

Yes, the instructions manual will be included in the package.


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Customer Reviews

Williston Force Desktop AC – Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

  1. Sarah-Louise Terry

    My family and I love doing our traditional activities. Where we come from, our tradition involves a lot of camping together, it is supposed to resemble some “family-united” kind of thing, I know its weird. In spite of our tradition, we actually love doing it. But, recently the weather has not been our friend.

    We would always get so hot and would end up going home within an hour. It was honestly getting pretty annoying because we wanted to enjoy it more.

    My brother Jess suggested that we should get a portable ac. But, it was such a long process…

    We were on the lookout for a long time but not one of them seemed to work, I mean there were some bad reviews that a lot of people would agree on. When we found Williston Force Desktop AC, it was such a relief because there was not a single bad review. And, we trust the reviews a lot. After getting it, we immediately went on a camping trip. It was so great! We didn’t even mind the heat, it was like standing near a river. Really fresh!

  2. Brianna Findlay

    My work desk has never been cooler than with Williston Force Desktop AC. It was getting unbelievably hot in my office that somedays I actually had to leave early. My chair is near the window and the sun there would be cute at first but after some minutes it would get frustrating, so I finally found the solution I needed when I found this product.

    It has a high built quality. It’s lightweight and portable. I can place it anywhere I want because it doesn’t require much space at all!

  3. Stephan Hardin

    Living in Florida definitely can take a toll on you, I mean the weather is ALWAYS hot! At first, I was skeptical at how this small portable product is going to work against all that heat.
    But, just after a few minutes when we turned it on, the air was so much cooler and I could actually breathe easier for a change.

    Not just me, my whole family fell in love with it. We would often fight about who would get to use it first. So, to stop the madness, I ordered one for each member of the family, lol.

    We recommend it to every other Florida families, this is it!

  4. Edward Tackett

    I agree with Caitlin’s review below. I used to sweat all summer long and needed to shower multiple times a day because I felt disgusting. However now the only time I sweat is when I leave the house and forget Williston AC at home. I’m thinking about buying one extra for the office, that’s how much I like this product!

  5. Caitlin Alvarado

    I highly recommend Williston Force Desktop AC to everyone! It changed my life. I love the fresh and cool air that it blows all day. I always feel cool and clean because I don’t have to sweat like crazy lol.

  6. Louise Kurtz

    For the first time in so many years, I can finally sleep during summer nights. I love this thing!

  7. Joy Plemons

    I would always dread the summer season due to the heat. However, this device makes the heat bearable. I love that it’s portable and I can move it around with me throughout the house. My only con is that I wish I bought two. One for the living room and one for my bedroom :/

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