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Vita Hair is a high-quality brush that helps massage the scalp during a bath or whenever you want. It helps block the DHT “hair destroying” hormone to have healthy natural hair growth. It is a small and lightweight tool that helps massage the scalp during a bath or whenever you want. It also removes dandruff and helps recover your hair loss area.

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Introducing Vita Hair

Vita Hair is a small and lightweight tool that helps massage the scalp during a bath or whenever you want. The Vita Hair isn’t your regular brush since it keeps your scalp and hair clean without going to the salon. One of the positive things about Vita Hair is that you can concentrate on your scalp specific area to help improve blood circulation in that area. If you have hair loss, dandruff, or want to relax at the end of the day, Vita Hair is excellent for you. Vita Hair has many functions that will help your scalp.

vita hair function

Vita Hair uses high-quality micro-laser technology that immediately blocks the DHT hormone “hair destroying,” so you can have healthy natural hair growth. With this product, you will look and feel younger and bring back the youthful look you felt had gone away.

Vita Hair features

  • Innovative technology – Powered by high-quality micro-laser technology.
  • Promotes healthy hair – DHT blocks, which destroys hair, and boosts ATP for faster growth.
  • Suitable for all hair types – Works for all hairstyles and can be used along with other hair loss products.
  • Stimulates regrowth – Reducing and extracting DHT from the scalp will immediately return the hair to its normal youthful condition.
  • Natural and chemical-free Grow your hair. No harmful chemicals and no expensive therapies.

Grow your hair with zero chemicals

DHT development is unavoidable in old age, and over time, that contributes to rising hair loss. It is a hormone that causes the hair roots to die, and after a certain age, is overproduced. Conversely, the opposite ATP reduces, usually ensuring the hair grows healthy and looks fine. Many products are on the market that avoids this process but operate on a chemical basis.

vita hair usage

They are sometimes used or taken in tonic form and added to the hair. Not only does this leave an unattractive layer in the long run, but it is also very time-consuming. These therapies usually place more pressure on the patient than they should need. On the other hand, Vita Hair ensures you can relax when you are being handled and uses an efficient method to avoid this cycle.

Vita Hair benefits

It conditions and lubricates the scalp – Two of Vita Hair’s key advantages are that it helps clean and lubricate the scalp. A well-lubricated scalp removes both flaky and dry scalp, frizzy hair.

Improves blood circulation – Using Vita Hair to massage your scalp will help improve blood circulation, as described above. Growing your scalp’s circulation would also mean that your head and neck will get the proper circulation of the blood they need to escape tight areas. It can help fuel your hair growth too.

Softens the skin – This often ensures that the oil will be evenly distributed in your scalp and hair as you massage the hair using Vita Hair. It will make your hair soften in no time. Massaging your hair will also help your scalp absorb the natural oil quickly, which can also smooth your hair.

Vita Hair usage and instructions

The head massage tool is shaped like a brush and is similarly used as well. Yet, instead of brushing through the hair, the scalp is primarily the one being handled. The pimples massage the skin and the tissue that underlies it. The operation is super simple, which is why anyone can do it. The product is also designed for everyday use, so you don’t have to think about that. It is advisable to use it every day before going to bed, preferably in the evening.

Frequently asked questions

Can I take it with me when I travel?

Yes, Vita Hair is very lightweight and portable.

Can it be used on children?

It is not recommended to use on children.

Will it remove my dandruff?

Yes, it removes dandruff and helps recover your ‘hair loss’ area.

Where can I order one?

You can check B&D Official Store for our offers.


B&D Official Store

Customer Reviews

Vita Hair – Scalp & Head Massager Tool Reviews

  1. Fatima Foster

    I’ve only had this product for a few days, but I am very satisfied with it so far. So, I had to come back and leave a review.

    I previously purchased a similar tool, but it was way more expensive. It never worked properly. Even in the first time of use, it would get stuck in my hair and make my hair fall a lot. So, I needed a new solution and found Vita Hair.

    Vita Hair is on a whole another level. It feels great on my head, and the quality is excellent. Powerful and lightweight, so your arm doesn’t get tired while using it. Clearly a winner!

  2. Kaia Freeman

    I want to start by saying that the shipping was great, definitely deserves a positive review about that. And, now about the product.

    The gadget is really nice. I massage my scalp almost every day with it. Not only is it beneficial for my hair, but it actually relaxes me. It’s like my whole stress gets taken away.

    It works on thick hair as well. Usually, products like these are good only on light hair, but this works on both. It’s a Godsend, really! Since I liked it so much, I got a second one.

  3. Katy Molina

    This massage tool is very powerful! It is also quiet and never makes a noise. What I love the most is the fact that I can take it with me wherever I go, for a quick massage. Very lightweight, and my hair has never been healthier.

    Even my bald spots are completely covered with hair! If only I knew not to spend so much money on different hair products…..ahh.

    Vita Hair is a blessing. Thank God I came across it. I’m highly recommending it!

  4. George Reeves

    I’m happy with my order. The shipping was quick and i’m satisified with the product.

  5. Grace Lamb

    I like that it’s natural and chemical-free. Works like advertised!

  6. Susan Holden

    Thanks to Vita Hair stimulating my hair growth, I finally have a head full of hair and feel comfortable without a hat on.

  7. Joyce Contreras

    My hair started falling out of nowhere and I freaked out. I tried different products but they wouldn’t even work. My friend told me about Vita Hair and all its benefits. I gave it a try and the results have been AMAZING. Not only did it stop my hair loss, but I am seeing new hair growing thanks to this product. I highly recommend it!!

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