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Uber Torch is a revolutionary flashlight, and it is commonly found only in high-end military gear. It is equipped with advanced technology. The aircraft-grade aluminum frame is designed to work under conditions that are fully shock-proof, water-resistant, and impact-resistant.

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Introducing Uber Torch

The new revolutionary Uber Torch is here, and it’s the only shield and protection you will ever need. It allows you enough time to defend yourself with a tactical flashlight’s beveled head. Uber Torch can keep you safe in any situation. It is field-tested by law enforcement officers, outdoor survivalists, and self-defense experts.

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The aircraft-grade aluminum frame is designed to work under any conditions‚ÄĒfully shock-proof, water, and impact-resistant. Uber Torch is no ordinary flashlight. It’s usually only found in high-end military gear. It is equipped with advanced technology.

A tactical flashlight like no other. It is used by law enforcement, survivalists, and experts in self-defense worldwide. The revolutionary multitool can help you take on the world using advanced LED technology, military-grade materials, and intuitive design.

The unique protection device

  • Special SOS and Strobe modes are life-saving in situations of emergency or self-defense.
  • The telescopic zoom function lets you focus the beam with a spotlight accuracy.
  • Advanced LED technology emits a light beam of 700 lumens, visible up to 2 miles away.

Uber Torch features

  • Powered by a CREE XML T6 LED bulb
  • Space-age composite lens
  • Blinding 700 lumens
  • Ultra-brightness up to 300 meters!

Multiple functions

  1. Switching the tail allows you to switch between low, medium, and high beam.
  2. Fast click on special SOS or Strobe mode for instant access.
  3. Take the telescopic shaft out to change the zoom from 1X to 2000X.

Stay safe with Uber Torch

The Uber Torch is nothing like the cheap plastic flashlight. This modern tactical torch is loaded with advanced features capable of handling the most difficult tasks and keeping you safe from almost any threat.

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It has three levels of brightness and can hit a breathtaking 700 lumens of blinding light. For emergencies and self-defense situations, use the simple one-button system to activate SOS or Strobe mode. The unique telescopic shaft enables you to focus the beam to surgical precision with a 1X-2000X zoom.

Strength of military rank

The Uber Torch is manufactured according to the same specifications as tactical flashlights carried by the United States. Navy, coast guards, firefighters, and law enforcement personnel. The high-quality LED technology provides the power of a lighthouse to this compact and sealed unit.

Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Uber Torch is almost bomb-proof but still light enough to carry it easily every day. It collapses down to a compact size thanks to the telescopic shaft and fits discreetly into your pocket. Light is still within reach, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Uber Torch benefits

Survival РThe Uber Torch is designed for high-visibility and emergency communication with a 700-lumen beam and an integrated SOS signal. The beam can be seen up to two miles away at maximum power.

Self-defense РA prolonged blast from the Strobe light from Uber Torch would distract any potential intruder and leave them exposed for minutes to come. Allowing you time to flee or take the upper hand.

Outdoor adventures РA tactical flashlight is an essential tool for any outdoorsman, from hunters to hikers. The three levels of the light output from the Uber Torch allows you to turn up the illumination to better match your environment. You can focus the light exactly where it is needed with the zoom function, without alerting nearby predators or scaring off your prey.

Frequently asked questions

Can I take it with me when I travel?

Yes, thanks to its convenient size, you can take it anywhere with you.

Is it safe for children?

Yes, it can be used by children as well, keeps them safe every time.

How many can I order at once?

You can check our official page for the offers.


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Customer Reviews

Uber Torch – LED Tactical Flashlight Reviews

  1. Emmanuel Riddle

    Let me start by saying WOW! This flashlight has helped me so much. I opened the package together with a friend, and we both were pretty impressed by the packaging. It was in perfect shape.

    Super bright! It focuses really fast, sturdy construction. I will be buying more, for sure!

  2. Troy Maguire

    I was looking for a flashlight for a whole month for my upcoming trip. We will go hiking with friends and possibly will end up spending the night, so just to be prepared, I got this flashlight.

    It works better than I expected! The white light is super bright and covers a wide area. We would turn it on, and our whole surrounding area would light up. We got enough light to do our activities and even play cards. Overall, I love this product and highly recommend it!

  3. Keon Amin

    The best flashlight! Very lightweight and easy to use. Easy to store in backpacks or even pockets as well. The light shines really bright and really well. Honestly, brighter than any other big flashlights that I previously had owned.

    The light mode was very useful when we took it camping. For the first time, we had proper lighting around us. The distance of the light exposure is an outstanding amount. You can even adjust the size of the brightness easily.

    My only con about this is that it doesn’t come in different colors, I would like to have more of these with different colors, but IT IS PERFECT!

  4. Fannie Wade

    I have never felt safer walking at night ever since I purchased Uber Torch. It’s an amazing product that keeps me safe from my crazy ex boyfriend!

  5. Bertha Chancellor

    I like that it’s easy to use and lightweight. I can take it anywhere with me and it doesn’t take a lot of space in my bag.

  6. Buffy McFarland


  7. Sharlene McLeod

    Uber Torch saved my life! I was going for a walk at night when some strange man approached me. I immediately turned on Uber Torch and he got disoriented and ran away. To all the women that want to go for a walk at night. Get Uber Torch and be safe!

  8. Howard Hughes

    This is an amazing product! I always looked for a good flashlight for when I go camping but they would always not work properly. With this flashlight I can go camping and feel completely safe. I highly recommend it.

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