TriFi Boost – 5Ghz WiFi Booster & WiFi Range Extender

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  • Enhance WiFi Range & Coverage
  • Accelerate Wireless Speed
  • Wireless Speed Up To 433Mbps
  • Faster Downloads & Uploads
  • Eleminate Dead Wifi Spots
  • Compatible With All Internet Providers
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Experience Faster WiFi With TriFi Boost

TriFi Boost is a powerful small device that extends your wifi range and revives dead wifi spots. Not only does it extend the range of your wifi, but its performance too.

Now you will be able to download content on your computer or laptop anywhere in your home. TriFi Boost enhances the wifi range and speed. It enables you to have fast internet everywhere in your indoor environment. 

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Your internet service providers slow down your wifi on purpose to make you pay more than you have to. And they also constantly try to up-sell you on their new expensive “deals” that aren’t any better. They also keep raising your monthly fees every few months. TriFi Boost costs way less than what internet providers will offer you. And you only have to pay for it once.

TriFi Boost has been proven to be the perfect wifi booster for computers, laptops, smartphones, and other wifi capable devices. If you’re working or studying from home, then TriFi Boost is your best solution.

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TriFi Boost Features

  • It enhances your signal, extending its range exponentially.
  • Get faster, better, and more stable internet everywhere in your indoor environment.
  • Simple to set it up and compatible with all wi-fi capable devices.
  • Extends your network and completely revives all dead spots.
  • Uses a 5GHz band to deliver faster internet speed.

Easy To Use And Install

TriFi Boost comes with simple instructions, all you have to do is:

  1. Unbox the device.
  2. Switch it on.
  3. Put it in any wall socket, and the device will do everything the rest automatically. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, there will be a manual included, but TriFi Boost works mostly by itself. You just have to plug it in.

Can I take it with me when I travel?

Yes, TriFi Boost is portable and lightweight, so that you can take it anywhere.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer refunds for every consumer in case they weren’t satisfied with the product.


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Customer Reviews

TriFi Boost – 5Ghz WiFi Booster & WiFi Range Extender Reviews

  1. Conor Burton

    My router signal wasn’t reaching my porch good enough, or it was slow and unsteady. I was getting really tired of having to deal every day with these problems.

    After reading a lot of positive reviews about this booster, I decided to order it. Easy to use and install. Pro tip: plug it near your router, so it pairs up, then move it to an outlet halfway to the dead zone. You can thank me later 😉

  2. Harvie Atkins

    Great wifi extender! I was skeptical at first because I went through so many different extenders and never was fully satisfied.

    But, with TriFi Boost, it was a different story. Great product. I needed something to boost my wifi upstairs, and this did the trick. Easy to install and arrived quickly.

  3. Todd Mcdaniel

    Best wifi extender ever! Reading all these positive reviews was definitely convincing. As an added benefit, I decided to try it and wasn’t dissatisfied with a single thing.

    Received on time. It also comes in this nicely wrapped packaging. The instructions were so detailed and understandable in the manual. Huge props for that! I would recommend to anyone who wants to get a new wifi extender that eliminates every dead spot.

  4. Mary Ballard

    I’ve been working from home these last couple of months. I have always struggled with slow internet and my boss would get mad at me when I would constantly disconnect. But ever since I purchased TriFi Boost, i finally have fast, good and stable internet everywhere in my home. TriFi Boost literally saved my job.

  5. Haley Sherman

    I highly recommend TriFi Boost. It enhanced my wifi signal and extended its range exponentially.

  6. Blanca Labat

    I almost never had good wifi in my apartment. Since I got TriFI Boost I haven’t had a single problem with my wifi anymore.

  7. Matthew Murphy

    I live in the 2nd floor and my room has been a dead spot for wifi since forever. But, TriFi Boost changed that. Now I have stable wifi and I can download movies and shows really fast in my own room!

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