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Tap N Charge lets you charge your phone cable-free. It comes with a free adapter that can be conveniently installed to the back of your unit. It is less than 1 cm thin, making this tool incredibly lightweight and easy to carry everywhere you go. It works even with the newest Android and iOS smartphones.

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Introducing Tap N Charge

Tap N Charge will provide you to charge your phone cable-free. Place your phone on the lightweight, stylish charging pad, and watch it charge instantly. It even works with the newest Android and iOS smartphones. It enables you to have quick access to your phone while charging.

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No more charging with painful, frayed, old wires. Start using your new phone’s built-in wireless charging. Tap N Charge is a wireless charging system developed by MIT engineers.

Tap N Charge comes with a free adapter that can be conveniently installed to your unit’s back. This means that no matter how old your phone is, using this wireless charger will allow you to upgrade. The adapter itself is tiny and does not cause any inconvenience. You can even fit it under your phone cover. Another great thing about Tap N Charge is its 1 cm charging distance.

Charge your phone in a short time

Tap N Charge is less than 1 cm thin, making this tool incredibly lightweight and easy to carry everywhere you go. The rounded shape and neutral color range ensure that Tap N Charge looks stylish on any table. Suits any interior without attracting too much attention.

Tap N Charge is very simple to use, no installation nightmares or painful set-ups are needed. All you need to do is turn it on, connect the adapter to your device’s back, place it on top of the charger, and start charging immediately.

Given its charging speed, Tap N Charge comes in a fair price and quality-wise option. If you thought about buying a new phone because your old one no longer meets your needs try Tap N Charge, it might save you a lot of money.

All in a phone charger you’ve ever needed is finally here. Tap N Charge lets you power your phone wirelessly without having to plug it in at any time. Set up in the charging base and put your phone on the pad for fast, high-amp charging.

Tap N Charge features

  • High-amp fast charging – Position your phone for immediately advanced Qi charging on top of the charging base. It is a perfect workaround for slow-charging phones or for charging frayed wiring cables.
  • Sleek, compact design – Tap N Charge is designed for convenience. The charging base suits perfectly without clutter on any screen or countertop.
  • Wireless for everyone – Wireless charging is now open to all without upgrading to the new edition. Never think about broken wires or malfunctioning charging ports again. Restore older and slow-charging phones by improving the wireless charging capabilities.
  • Always charged – super easy charging for quick boosting and maximum battery charging.
  • Any more charging cables – Don’t ever get caught again with incompatible, rusty, frayed wires.
  • Hassle safe – It’s now easier than this. For instant control, only through your phone onto the charging pad.

Tap N Charge saves your money

Charging cables could get worn out and start fraying. You can make cords a thing of the past using Tap N Charge. It doesn’t make you waste a ton of money and force you to upgrade to a phone you don’t want or need. Our company has a promise of satisfaction. If it doesn’t work, you can easily return it without any questions.

Tap N Charge fits with all of the phone models on the market, including Apple, Android, LG, HTC, Motorola, and just about every other.

Major publications such as CNN, CNET, NBC, and even Apple have documented our fantastic product. It has been reported that Tap N Charge is a unique charging system developed with high-quality technology. It’s super small so that you can fit a case over it, and it turns every phone (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Etc.) into a wireless-chargeable device instantly.

Frequently asked questions

Is it portable?

Yes, it is portable and very lightweight so that you can take it anywhere with you.

Does it work with my Android phone?

Yes, it works with every Android and iOS smartphone.

Where can I order one?

You can check the B&D Official Store for our offers.


B&D Official Store

Customer Reviews

Tap N Charge – Wireless Charger Reviews

  1. Bryan Haley

    I initially gave this a lower rating, but I realized that I was fast to judge. After using it for more than a week, I now have a completely different opinion.

    This device comes with a good design and is really practical to use. It charges fast, and I was skeptical at first, but the functionality changed my mind.

    Tap N Charge works better than any other wireless charger. I leave it at my desk, and it has a small footprint, so it doesn’t take up much space. One thing to note is that you can take this anywhere with you. I love how portable and practical it is!

  2. Peyton Grimes

    Works as expected! Finally, something that charges my iPhone 11 wirelessly. I use it on my nightstand so when I wake up in the morning, it is fully charged.

    Quality is excellent, and I’m always satisfied with them. I think that this charger it’s futuristic and the fact that you don’t have to constantly plug and unplug your charging cable into your phone, it will preserve the battery and keep your battery protected.

  3. Simra Spears

    It works better than any wireless charger I had. It sits at my desk at work and has a small design. It doesn’t take up much room, which is excellent!

    One thing to note is that you can take it anywhere with you. And, it’s fast charging, my phone fully charges quickly, this is the best part.

  4. Judith Cox

    I love that its clutter-free. I can finally work in peace and avoid a messy desk.

  5. Jill Hu

    If you hate cables like me, Tap N Charge is a must have product on your desk! My battery is always full whenever I leave the house.

  6. Ronald Schlosser

    My girlfriend bought this for me and It’s an amazing product. I love it!

  7. Brian Jamieson

    Tap N Charge is a must have device on your home. It completely replaced wired charges for me. I can take it anywhere and charge my phone wirelessly.

  8. Tyler Stoltenberg

    I highly recommend this product. It saved me a lot money by not having to buy different chargers every week and my phone charges really fast.

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