Tactic AIR Drone – Foldable Drone with Camera for Adults, Kids, and Beginners

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Tactic AIR Drone makes aerial photography convenient and easy. With this revolutionary drone and camera, you will be able to create the best aerial photography perfectly. It uses the mobile app to help you navigate the drone and take the most professional pictures. Portable, lightweight, and compact.


Introducing Tactic AIR Drone

Tactic AIR Drone makes aerial photography convenient and easy. With this revolutionary drone and camera, you will be able to create the best aerial photography perfectly. Whether you have an important party, are on a hike over beautiful scenery, or need to photograph yourself easily, Tactic AIR Drone is there to help you.

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Tactic AIR Drone uses the mobile app to help you navigate the drone and take the most professional pictures. It allows you to view your front recording videos or photographs with the bottom camera shots either as a split-screen or picture in picture.

Tactic AIR Drone will allow you to navigate and control your drone easily with your phone. Draw flight paths and watch your drone follow the trajectory flight. It’s the perfect product that gives fantastic video shots and pictures of sceneries.

Tactic AIR Drone uses 4k pixel cameras to provide you with HD video sequences and 4096×3072 still resolution pictures. It provides users with 90-degree adjustments coupled with 120-degree viewing angles, which allow professional aerial photography and video productions.

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Tactic AIR Drone is portable, lightweight, and compact. With its three-dimensional folding technology, you can fold it up after each usage and take it with you quickly. This folding tactic is specially designed not to hurt the drone and affect its flight stability even after thousands of folds.

Experience Excellent Results With Tactic AIR Drone

Tactic AIR Drone comes with a low folded profile and carrying case. It’s easy and simple to take along with you whenever you need to take aerial photography or videography. Capture those unique and beautiful moments with Tactic AIR Drone at your hands.

Tactic AIR Drone is designed for beginners, even if experienced drone flyers favor it. It’s simple and easy to control. It provides interchangeable modular batteries that last you extended flight times.

Tactic AIR Drone works with wireless remote control. It provides mobile phone integration capabilities, which offers you great video and photography control with high-quality results. Tactic AIR Drone is your top choice of camera drones in the market right now.

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Tactic AIR Drone uses integrated technologies that help professional photographers achieve their best sceneries. It features four channels with LED light signals. It is supported by a calibration function paired with a 6-axis gyroscope that helps you get the best results while smoothly flying through the air.

Tactic AIR Drone always provides steady and smooth flights no matter how much it has been used. It is stabilized with a fixed point technology that enables you to have a steady hovering capability. This makes picture taking and recording a million times easier. Get your own Tactic AIR Drone and experience these excellent results yourself.


Protection – It is protected from dust mites, mildew, fungi, mold, bacteria, and germs while on and off-air.

Paired with the app – Download the app from the play store or app store and pair it with your Tactic AIR Drone to take the most impressive aerial pictures and videos.

Stabilized flights -It uses a Fixed Point of Light Flow to provide you with the most stable video footage.

Various speeds – Choose from multiple speeds and controls in the app and have a blast with the numerous effects they will provide.

Long-lasting battery – You won’t need to worry about your drone running out of battery in mid-air or constantly having to charge and recharge.

Gesture recognition system – With the app, you can use gestures of your hands to move the drone in whichever position you need it. This fantastic feature will allow you even to take video selfies of yourself and your friends.

Affordable – Compared to other drones, the Tactic AIR Drone is affordable. It will help you achieve the best, most professional results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it’s straightforward and simple to use.

Are the instructions included in the package?

Yes, the instructions will be included with the product.

Does it work with my Android phone?

Yes, you can find the app in both Play Stores and App stores.

Is it foldable?

Yes, the product can be folded and carried with its own bag for ultimate use and portability.

Can I take photos and videos of myself?

Yes, paired with the fantastic gesture feature, you will take high-quality self videos and pictures perfectly.

Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Tactic AIR Drone – Foldable Drone with Camera for Adults, Kids, and Beginners

  1. Reis Kaufman

    Battery life is actually good. This drone flies much higher than I expected, and the camera quality is pretty good. I took some amazing pictures with it, and everyone thinks I took them with a Canon, lol.

    I am very impressed. The best part is that this fantastic drone is not even expensive, pretty affordable, in my opinion. If you are new with drones, this is a perfect one to start with.

  2. Amari Mcgill

    Bought this drone as a treat to myself because I have been wanting it since forever. The drone works as intended. It is compact and lightweight, also handling the drone mid flight is simple.

    The video quality is of high quality and it saves the video directly to your phone. There is also an app that you can get from play store or app store, it’s pretty easy to understand in the manual.

    Conclusion: Actually, a perfect choice for a drone. No regrets so far, it hovers just perfectly and moves around pretty fast. I would definitely recommend this to my friends or relatives.

  3. Danni Johns

    I was skeptical when I was searching to buy a drone. I thought it would take me hours to decide on one, but Tactic AIR Drone came to the rescue!

    And, it’s not difficult to use at all. My kids can use it, and they’re just 8 years old. There are some excellent features. The drone takes pictures and videos, or it can stay hovering over your head.

    When I first got it, I used it for about 45 minutes. The drone’s battery lasts for a long time, and it lands perfectly every time. This drone came in a box, well secured and beautifully packed.

    There is also an instructions manual that is well-detailed. It helped me a lot because it was my first time using a drone, the remote control is perfect! Overall, it would help you if you get it. It is worth it.

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