Super Boost WiFi – WiFi Booster & WiFi Range Extender

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  • Enhance WiFi Range & Coverage
  • Accelerate Wireless Speed
  • Wireless Speed Up To 300Mbps
  • Faster Downloads & Uploads
  • Eliminate Dead Wifi Spots
  • Compatible With All Internet Providers
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Get Faster Internet With WiFi Super Boost

Are you tired of having slow WiFi every day, even though you pay a lot of money to your provider? WiFi Super Boost eliminates all WiFi struggles and annoyances.

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The reason why your WiFi speed is slow is because of your internet service provider. They are purposely slowing down your WiFi to make you pay extra for what you should’ve gotten in the first place. WiFi Super Boost gives you faster internet speed and saves you money. You can have fast WiFi that will never slow down.

WiFi Super Boost will boost your WiFi at every corner of your indoor environment. It makes your WiFi reachable to every room of your house by extending its range and enhancing the speed.

Experience Faster Internet Wireless Speed

Offering an internet speed upgrade of up to 300Mbps, this gadget will create long-range wireless coverage, making it reachable to every family member. Whether you’re sending a work email or watching a movie on streaming services with your family. WiFi Super Boost will make everything better and faster.

WiFi Super Boost device is developed with the latest wireless technology. It will also stop your internet activity from being sent to your internet provider. This way you will have total privacy and they won’t be able to limit your bandwidth speed to make you pay extra for it.

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WiFi Super Boost Features

  • Enhances Your WiFi For Faster Internet Speed – Can handle multiple users and devices with no data loss.
  • Improved Download And Upload Speed – Your WiFi connection will be faster and stronger than ever.
  • Simple Installation – You just have to plug it in any wall socket without unnecessary cables.
  • WPS Function – WiFi protected setup makes the wireless network data transmission encrypted.
  • Saves You Money – This device costs less than what ISP makes you pay for an internet connection upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need WiFi Super Boost?

You will have fantastic WiFi speed and range. You will never have to deal with WiFi problems again.

Can it cover my whole house?

WiFi Super Boost enhances the coverage of WiFi. Therefore, it will cover every dead spot in your house.

Is it easy to use?

You only have to plug it in any wall socket and let it do its magic.

Is it compatible with my router at home?

Of course. WiFi Super Boost is compatible with every router.


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Customer Reviews

Super Boost WiFi – WiFi Booster & WiFi Range Extender Reviews

  1. Izaac Wyatt

    This is by far the best wifi extender I have ever used. It gives us a full signal in every part of the house. I previously had others extenders, but they would only cover the living room, which was annoying because we all have our own rooms…

    Quick instructions right on the side of the box. If you use the internet every day for your school or works tasks, then get this and get your work done! I hope this helps anyone who is trying to get a good and stable wifi extender.

  2. Jaxon Barry

    Received this in absolutely gorgeous packaging. Everything was included. The shipping was great as well. The set up is easy and takes a couple of minutes. Once you’re done setting it up, you can freely use it, and it will never disappoint you. I can vouch for that!

  3. Roy Kennedy

    Easy to set up. Works well, stays connected. Strong signal and steady. It ranges to the dead wifi zones of the house.

    Much cheaper than any other internet extender. I was getting tired of paying extra money for bad internet! So, now with Super Boost WiFi, I can finally go through my days without getting frustrated or annoyed.

  4. William Murphy

    This product is amazing!! Wifi finally reaches the second floor of our house. My youngest daughter isn’t complaining about the internet anymore. I definitely recommend Super Boost WiFi to everyone.

  5. Felix Coulter

    I highly recommend Super Boost WiFi. The installation was simple and I immediately noticed improvements. 100% Worth it!

  6. Robert Barfield

    I bought 3 of these for different family relative’s homes because I visit them a lot and now their wifi works all the time! I finally have good wifi without any problems.

  7. Brandon Coakley

    Me and my family could never go out in our front yard. Having dinner there, while listening to music or facetiming our relatives was immposible. Wifi would never work there. My daughter suggested we should get Super Boost WiFi and honestly it was the best choice we ever made. Now we have fast and stable wifi in our front yard and everywhere in the house.

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