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SonicX Pro is an electric toothbrush created with unique features that no other electric toothbrush possesses. It deeply cleans the teeth up to 100 times more than every other regular toothbrush. SonicX Pro is lightweight, waterproof, and flexible. It also allows you to choose from four smart modes.


Introducing SonicX Pro

SonicX Pro is a modern form of toothbrush proven to be more effective than a manual toothbrush. Designed and developed by top-level engineers to address the protracted issue of bad dental hygiene.

sonicx pro product functions

World Health Organization estimates that oral diseases are the most prevalent non-communicable diseases, causing pain, distress, disfigurement, 4and even death. Statistics indicate that more than half of the population suffers from a dental illness. These are the exact reasons why SonicX Pro was invented to ensure that you will not be affected by these shocking effects. SonicX Pro is an electric toothbrush specially created with unique features that no other electric toothbrush possesses.

SonicX Pro deeply cleans the teeth up to 100 times more than every other regular toothbrush. SonicX Pro helps you clean your teeth better and keeps your teeth white. It eliminates food stains and potential decoloration of the tooth by 100 times more.

SonicX Pro’s revolutionary acoustic technology is high-quality. SonicX Pro makes the teeth cleaning process considerably more effective. The changes are noticeable within a few days of use. Your routine will be easier and more effective thanks to the four brushing modes from SonicX Pro. Every mode targets a different part of the mouth.

Have clean and sparkly teeth with SonicX Pro

SonicX Pro is a groundbreaking electric toothbrush tested to provide optimal cleanliness for whiter and healthier teeth. The cutting-edge technology harnesses the strength of ultrasonic waves of up to 45,000 brush motions per minute to clean the teeth efficiently.

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The SonicX Pro toothbrush is excellent if you’ve been looking to enhance your smile with brighter teeth. You can obtain flawless results with the SonicX Pro toothbrush. No more turning to toxic whitening additives or visiting the dentist for costly treatments. In just a few days, you’ll see excellent results. SonicX Pro is lightweight, waterproof, and flexible as it allows you to choose from four smart modes:

  1. Quick.
  2. Whitening.
  3. Gentle washing.
  4. Massage (for your gums), depending on your particular dental and gingival needs.

SonicX Pro specifications

  • Created using Sonic Technologies
  • 100X Better than Manual Brushing
  • About 45,000 Strokes of Brush per minute
  • 4 Brushing modes – Quick, Cleaning, Whitening, and Massaging
  • 2-minute smart timer with a 30-second interval to turn over brushing areas
  • Portable and lightweight

SonicX Pro features

  • Intelligent brushing – Four brushing modes include the toothbrush: Quick, whitening, massage, and gentle washing.
  • Power – High-frequency acoustic vibrations produce secondary cleaning action resulting in a powerful brushing force. 45,000 brush strokes per minute. It ensures plaque removal in hard-to-reach mouth areas.
  • Timer – With interval pauses every thirty seconds, each of the four modes would run for two minutes so you wouldn’t forget to turn to other areas of your teeth.
  • Long-lasting battery – The toothbrush batteries are designed to last two weeks of daily brushing and recharge.
  • Compact – Lightweight and an easily compact toothbrush can be taken on a trip or camping.
  • Modern design – Portable and elastic filament. Won’t hurt your gums and will ensure quality teeth brushing.
  • Simplicity – One click at the front controls the whole brush.
  • Waterproof – The toothbrush is waterproof to the IPX7 standard. It can be washed like a regular toothbrush after brushing your teeth.

Usage and instructions

First, you must charge the toothbrush at the included charging station. Otherwise, if the battery is too drained, you will not be able to use it. If the toothbrush is fully charged,

  • Wet the brush’s head
  • Apply some of the toothpaste
  • Turn the toothbrush on

You can even choose explicitly which mode you want while you are brushing your teeth.

Switch off the toothbrush when you have done brushing, let some water flow over the brush’s head for cleaning, and you’re done. Aside from charging the unit, no special installation is needed. Some experience of using an electric toothbrush is required unless you are already used to one.

Frequently asked questions

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries last up to two weeks of daily brushing.

Is it lightweight?

Yes, it is very lightweight and compact. You can take it anywhere you go.

How can we clean it?

The toothbrush is waterproof to the IPX7 standard, so it can be washed like a regular toothbrush after brushing your teeth.

Customer Reviews

8 reviews for SonicX Pro – Smart Electric Toothbrush

  1. Chanelle Felix

    LIFESAVER! It is just what I needed. My teeth don’t hurt anymore. I have susceptible teeth that would always hurt when brushing.

    The design of this is carefully made, I don’t know what exactly they did, but it’s the only toothbrush that doesn’t hurt my teeth. I love it!

  2. Jared Mclellan


  3. Roxanne Brooks

    I went through different toothbrushes and never seemed to find the right one until I found out about SonicX Pro. The other electric toothbrushes not only would leave a metallic taste but would cost ten times more, very absurd.

    SonicX Pro is a different story. A very high-quality electric toothbrush that put others to shame, and it’s even more affordable than any other, incredible!

    This is definitely what I’m getting to my relatives for their birthday. They need to see what they’re missing.

  4. Jennifer Shepard

    How did I live without this toothbrush? My teeth have never felt more good, and they’re so shiny. I’m obsessed!

    It’s sleek, futuristic, and lightweight. It doesn’t tire your hand, also has nice durability to it. Honestly, this has to be the best thing I ever purchased so far, thank you B&D Official Store, for providing us with it!

    I also love the design, very modern. Even though it is electrical, you can wash it like a regular toothbrush. The waterproof feature definitely gave this a big bonus.

  5. Carol Montes

    I’m very happy with this product. It’s very affordable considering the innovative features.

  6. Gary Falco

    My teeth are whiter than ever thanks to SonicX Pro. I like that the battery life lasts for a long time without needing a recharge.

  7. Colin Viera

    My teeth have never been more whiter thanks to SonicX Pro. I highly recommend this toothbrush!!

  8. Dolores Felder

    My tooth started hurting out of nowhere one day and I didn’t know what to do. The doctor appointments were all booked and I couldn’t go. My friend told me about SonicX Pro and ever since I started using it ,my tooth pain went away. I finally have clean, sparkly, and healthy teeth!

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