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SmokeSOS is the revolutionary smoke detector that is reliable and functional in any situation. Compact and lightweight. It will perfectly blend in with the wall and won’t cause any disturbance. It is easy to install in your home.


Introducing SmokeSOS

SmokeSOS is the revolutionary smoke detector that is reliable and functional in any situation. It is always ready to alert you of any serious fires before they get too big. This will allow you to avoid any accidents that could end up horribly.

It’s important always to have a good security system that effectively keeps your family safe and sound. SmokeSOS allows you to sleep easily and securely, knowing that you will be alerted on time and delay any unfortunate event from happening in case of an incident.

SmokeSOS isn’t like other annoying fire alarms that continue beeping anytime their battery runs out. But this fire alarm has a long-lasting battery. This 10-year lithium battery is sealed into the device, so it won’t need to be replaced or tampered with.

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Usually, smoke detectors are big and take up too much space. They can look hideous and disrupt the look of your room. SmokeSOS is compact and lightweight. It will perfectly blend in with the wall and won’t cause any disturbance.

SmokeSOS is easy to install into your home. It has all the necessary features to mount it to your home. You can fit SmokeSOS into your desired place the second you receive the product. From the screws to anchor plugs, the SmokeSOS has it all, and it will only take a mere few minutes to mount onto your wall.

Always Protect Yourself With SmokeSOS

When you receive your smoke detector, it’s important to check the functionality of the detector. Unlike other products that use only one button, SmokeSOS is different. Alongside the test button, which checks the battery, it checks if the smoke, carbon dioxide, and fire detector are on working mode. You won’t have to light a match underneath it to check its functionality.

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Some products need to be wired into your home’s electrical system. However, what’s good about SmokeSOS is that it uses its own long-lasting battery. It will immediately alert you if there’s a fire near you in case of a power outage.

With SmokeSOS, you won’t be wasting any electricity and actively helping the environment around you. Its amazing 10-year batter is economical and reliable. It is good for the environment as it won’t cause you to change batteries and make more waste constantly.

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SmokeSOS is paired with smart and revolutionary smoke detectors that effectively pick up any smoke and fire from any distance. This device will pick up fire even if it’s concealed or slow-burning. Always stay safe with SmokeSOS in your house.

SmokeSOS’s photoelectric sensors can quickly detect any type of fire, whether it is slow or fast-burning. Its powerful alarm will sound in seconds and alert you. The 85db alarm will work effectively even when it’s too late in the night when everyone is asleep.


Long-lasting battery – The battery will last you up to 10 years without needing to change or charge.

Environmentally friendly – Because it’s so useful and functional, it won’t make you constantly have to change the device anytime it runs out of batteries. And since it is battery-powered, it won’t be wired into your home’s electrical system. Thus it will cost and use less energy.

Compact – It won’t look too out of place, and it will perfectly blend with your home’s interior.

Multi-functional – It doesn’t only tell you about possible fires, but it also checks the carbon dioxide level in your home that could be dangerous.

High-quality – This device is made of high-quality, durable materials that won’t break down on you in the worst possible moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it is easy and simple to use.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instructions are included in the package.

Is the battery long-lasting?

Yes, it will last you up to 10 years without needing to charge or change the product.


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Customer Reviews

SmokeSOS – Lithium Battery Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm Voice Warning Reviews

  1. Misty Mullins

    Works as described. Very easy to install and affordable. Shipping was really great, it arrived exactly in two days, just like it said so!

    Good quality product. The instructions manual was very detailed. We purchased another set of these smoke alarms to store just in case they stop working or get stolen (anything is getting stolen these days).

    I would totally recommend these to all my friends and relatives!

  2. Diesel Clarkson

    I had a lot of problems with losing network connection and reset several times. Disconnecting them from hard wires and reconnect was getting frustrating.

    Now, it has been months since installations, and haven’t had a problem at all. Also, I love that you don’t need to open walls and ceilings to run interconnecting wired for these!

  3. Wade Seymour

    We have a 3-floor house, and maintaining it is pretty hard. Keeping it safe, especially, SmokeSOS made it a lot easier.
    Our old detectors weren’t working properly, and they would only make the loud sound out of nowhere. We came to the conclusion that they were kaput, so we had to change it.

    I went to Home Depot and didn’t find anything good. Thankfully, B&D Official Store came to the rescue. We got these, installed them, and they work great! Syncing to each other was quickly and easily.

  4. Elouise Bellamy

    These are just great! Easy to install, and batteries come included, which is great because usually, they don’t.
    What I love the most is that it is loud but like just the perfect amount of loud (if it makes sense).

    Great quality! Compact and such a great functionality. Honestly, SmokeSOS puts our old detectors to shame. These can detect even at the slightest smoke, which is great.
    It saved our house on many different occasions. Listen to me, and replace those old detectors with these now, they will make your life easier.

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