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Smart Fitness is a wearable workout gear that can give you a more muscular and toned body. It features an advanced Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) system. It is a rock-solid six-pack trainer that uses its tested technology to give great results.


Introducing Smart Fitness

Smart Fitness is a wearable workout gear that can give you a more muscular and toned body. It is a rock-solid six-pack ab EMS trainer that uses its tested technology to give users great results. It features an advanced Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) system. It is a technique that makes use of electrical signals to activate and exercise the muscles directly. EMS has been used for several years in areas such as professional sports and physiotherapy. The exercise strength comes from gentle electrical stimulation and not from heavy loads, much like pulling dumbbells and weights. EMS preparation also does not cause any extra strain on ligaments or joints. Hip trainer Smart Fitness EMS is clinically proven to achieve better results than any other traditional workout.

smart fitness

It can help you develop your body shape, strength, and endurance in a wide variety of ways. This instant abs trainer is built particularly for pro athletes so that you can guarantee a reliable result. Instant Smart Fitness abs trainer also has an adjustable strength where you can pick various intensity levels from 1 to 15 to match your body training needs. This uses a 25Hz ±10 percent frequency, plus it also features three auto programs, including Acupuncture, Muscle, and Massage.

Smart Fitness is a physical exercise system intended to improve and speed up muscle change. It has been shown that people over-conscious about their health these days. They don’t want to suffer from physical health issues such as low strength, high libido, weak muscles, and stamina. Everybody knows there’s no limit to what the human body can do at any cost. Smart Fitness’s main objective is to unlock the physical health-related capacity and provide for muscle reconstruction. Most people have tried it already and find it very successful in improving the workouts in the gym or at home. Like for other people, it can become your training secret.

Smart Fitness features

  • An easy to use the device.
  • An effective to trigger the muscles.
  • Works on the electromagnetic impulses.
  • Uses the Electric Muscular Stimulation Technology.
  • Six training modes.
  • A modern and comfortable design.
  • Designed for abdominal revolution.

Smart Fitness instructions and usage

This system works on electromagnetic impulses, which aid in muscle sensation generation. That way, the muscles will become firmer and stronger. Smart Fitness is also useful for identifying muscle contractions in the body. The functions in the body are operated using the Electric Muscular Stimulation Technology or EMS. This also depends on the optimal degree of stimulation. Overall, it has an easy and efficient operation with six different training modes, which you can modify or adapt to your convenience and preferences accordingly.


Smart Fitness is committed to working in the body, supplying you with the sensation and the experience you want for your physical health without going to the gym for several hours. You can meet your goals for muscle building in a short time interval. There’s great confidence that fills you when you feel good, and your clothes look better on you. Yet there is more to it than that. Traditional strength training causes the brain to send impulses to contract, which stimulates specific muscles. But unfortunately, not every muscle has a mature connection with the brain, making these muscles difficult to activate and not completely established.

Whereas Smart Fitness EMS Learning will activate essential body muscle groups. Similarly, it helps establish motor nerve connections linked to muscle activity by directly transmitting electric impulses instead. It will trigger even the muscles which have a weak link. Smart Fitness is an EMS simulator for adjustable rock-solid six-pack abs that fits under your clothing. In reality, while doing the tasks you usually do every day, you can put on this incredible gadget.

The great thing about this is that it provides the same profit as doing exercise. Let’s say you can actually get back to shape and get ready for the summer, even if you’re busy driving, working, or doing your daily business. Therefore, you have to put it on and go on with your life. Let it train and strengthen your body and make you the healthy person you always want to be.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need instructions to use it?

A paper with step by step instructions will be included in the package.

Is it comfortable?

It has been proven that Smart Fitness possesses the most comfortable and modern design.

Customer Reviews

8 reviews for Smart Fitness – Abs Stimulator Muscle Toner Trainer

  1. Trey Singh

    You can definitely feel this product working! I admit I was a little skeptical. I was kind of afraid it may not be strong enough. I am in my late 50s, and don’t get me wrong I enjoy working out and am in above average shape! But, I was in the wrong, I use this product 3 times a week. The pluses are so strong that I cannot even handle the highest setting. It is amazing!

  2. Randy Choi

    My mom bought this for me, but everybody in our family uses it and absolutely loves it! This device pulses and creates exactly the same sensation as doing a sit-up.

    Your entire arm is moving as the muscles contract with the arm bands, and your stomach muscles will feel as though you have done many push ups.

    I love that there are different levels for intensity, it’s a frequency that makes you clinch your muscles and a session is only 12 minutes, which is great.

  3. Derry Montoya

    I love working out and eating clean. I’m kind of obsessed with a healthy lifestyle! I have a perfectly shaped body and have worked a lot to achieve it.

    Even after working out for years, my abs would never fully develop. I was switching between workout routines and diets but nothing seemed to work.

    This product was the solution! I use this product while I relax, watch TV, doing chores, working with my laptop etc. It is exactly what I needed this whole time!

    My abs are finally fully developed and in perfect shape. My stomach is finally flat and it is even affecting my arms as well. An inexpensive investment. Highly recommended!

  4. Shane Yates

    Smart Fitness gave me the same core workout, without wasting several hours in the gym. I highly recommend it!!

  5. Cornelius Hardy

    I’m still surprised at how fast Smart Fitness worked its magic. I started noticing results in just a few days! INCREDIBLE!!!

  6. Patricia Trott

    I saw results faster with Smart Fitness than any other fitness product that i’ve ever used. I definitely recommend it!

  7. Anthony Costa

    I’ve been working out for months and I didn’t get good results until I discovered Smart Fitness. In just a few days I started seeing progress. I highly recommend it!!

  8. Mitchell Harmon

    After so many years of going to the gym, I finally have abs and i’m stronger than ever, thanks to this product!!

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