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Siren Guard is a handheld device used to scare offenders and draw attention during any emergency. It produces extremely intense sound waves at 130 dB, similar to emergency vehicle sirens. It is beneficial to have it when you’re walking alone at night, traveling, and more.


Introducing Siren Guard

When you least expect it, an intruder can spring to action when you think you are safe. Violent crime statistics are on the rise in the US. Siren Guard is a personal protection system that uses an excessive noise level to scare the attacker to give up their attack. Siren Guard is the line of defense you must have against criminals and those who want to harm you.

Siren Guard is easy to use and efficient. The key chain loop makes it easier to place it just about anywhere you can connect it. Wherever you go, you’ll feel safe knowing that you’re always ready to defend yourself.

siren guard attached

For your health and peace of mind, personal alarms are your first line of defense. Siren Guard is a handheld device used to scare offenders and draw attention during any emergency. Siren Guard produces extremely intense sound waves at 130 dB, similar to emergency vehicle sirens.

Imagine getting that level of protection all in the palm of your hand. Siren Guard was designed for anyone to be able to use it anywhere. Use this device if you are walking alone at night, traveling, and even camping out. Not only does the warning scare off the offenders, but if you happen to be lost or need medical assistance, it will attract attention to you. It is suitable for teenagers and senior citizens living away from their families.

Siren Guard features

  • Affordable¬†– You’re getting a device in just a few dollars that might help you save the lives of your loved ones and even strangers in need.
  • Portable and compact¬†– This keychain can be conveniently transported and taken wherever you wish.
  • Lightweight¬†– The lightweight nature of this safety alarm keychain makes it even better. You’ll no longer need to wear large and bulky key chains. The Siren Guard alarm keychain is very lightweight and compact.
  • Feel safe in any situation¬† – 130 dB is loud enough to attract attention or scare off offenders. It is louder than a siren on an ambulance. Use it anywhere you wish.
  • Modern design¬†– An attack can occur anywhere on the roads, in the subway, in a car park. Siren Guard is ultra-lightweight and small.¬†

Siren Guard benefits

  • You can easily connect the keychain to your wallet, car keys, house keys, purse, etc.
  • It also has an LED light that will flash when you push the alarm button. It will cause people to notice you.
  • The siren’s tone can be heard up to a distance of 600 feet/185 meters.
  • The siren’s sound quality is thunderous and crisp. People can hear the sound very quickly.
  • This keychain security alarm is extraordinarily durable.

Siren Guard specifications

  • Alarm sound – It has 130 DB sirens that can be heard up to 185 meters/600 feet away. The alarm sound is deafening and clear.
  • Material – It has a metal bar. The content is of exceptional quality. It is a top-end product, after all.
  • Battery with a metal bar – LR44, 110Ma, 6V. The battery lasts a lengthy time.
  • Color – The keychain color is black.
  • Weight – 37.7 g. The weight of the personal protection keychain on the Siren Guard is very light.
  • Attachable – It is a keychain and that can be attached anywhere. You can attach it to your car keys, house keys, wallet, purse, jacket, Etc.
  • LED Light – The safety warning, combined with a flashing light, makes it instantly visible to the people around them.

Stay Safe With Siren Guard 

Siren Guard’s protection keychain is considered to be a highly praiseworthy quality product. This keychain has been continually favored by many because of its top-notch features. Many consumers were left awestruck to see such a fantastic product accompanied by unique features. The Siren Guard requires no App or setup. Just pull the pin to switch the alarm on immediately for up to half an hour.

siren guard keychains

It’s so simple that anyone can use it. This system also has a keychain that can be conveniently connected to yourself or belongings. The Siren Guard is a peaceful way to¬†safeguard¬†yourself. The alarm is 130dB, well above the suggested comfort threshold.

Frequently asked questions

How will it protect me?

With its feature of the sound, that is a 130DB siren. It will disorient the attacker and make them freak out so they will run away.

Does it scare off angry dogs?

Yes, its sound will scare off even a large group of dogs.

Where can I order?

You can check B&D Official Store for our offers.


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Customer Reviews

Siren Guard – Personal Self-Defense Safety Alarm Reviews

  1. Joanne Sanchez

    I work late every night and returning home is a real challenge. A girl walking late at night has never been a good idea, and unfortunately, I cannot afford Uber.

    So, I have to go home walking, but now with Siren Guard, I don’t mind it that much. This little gadget kept me safe from so many occasions every time I get approached by aggressive dogs. I just turn this one, and they run away fast.

    The fact that it can create such a loud noise is definitely a big bonus.

    Another thing I love about it is the LED light. It makes you visible around people if, by any chance, you need their help. I recommend this to all my girls!

  2. Gabrielle Browne

    Siren Guard goes wherever I go! I love that it is attachable. You never know what will happen in the streets, so having this not only makes me feel safe but more confident.

    Also, I purchased one for each of my daughters-in-law. I want them to feel and be safe, as well.

  3. Caitlyn Mendoza

    Walking by myself at night has never been greater! I can now easily go out whenever I want, not just when it’s daylight.

    There have been many occasions when I had felt unsafe in the past. I couldn’t go out alone. It was out of the question. But, with Siren Guard, it’s a different story.

    Every time I get approached by unwanted people, I just turn it on, and they run away out of panic. Amazing! All my girlfriends got one as well.

  4. Eric Chavez

    Siren Guard is very affordable and I love how compact it is.

  5. Stephen Robertson

    I was walking down the street yesterday and a group of aggressive dogs approached me. I immediately turned on Siren Guard and they ran away. It literally saved my life!

  6. Karen Kidder

    I highly recommend Siren Guard. It saved my life in so many situations.

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