Save Sealer – Handheld Food Vacuum Sealer

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  • Keep Your Food Fresh – Regular plastic wraps lock oxygen in, but after a few days the food becomes soggy and wilted. Save Sealer sucks the air out so the food retains nutrients and flavors longer.
  • Easy To Use – It takes a few seconds to store food. It sucks the air out in seconds with just a push of a button.
  • Longer Lasting Bags –It comes with reusable BPA-free bags that last ten times longer than other products.
  • Helps You Organize – The bags can be piled or arranged for a more efficient organization in your fridge, freezer, or pantry.
  • Saves You Money – You will save hundreds of dollars between buying plastic wrap and tossing uneaten food. 

Keep Your Food Fresh Longer

Are you tired of throwing away rotting food and plastic wrap in a one-use form? With Save Sealer that will no longer be your problem. It keeps your food fresh for a longer time.

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Save Sealer preserves the taste and freshness of fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, cheeses, etc. You can also save cooked meals to eat later. Save Sealer is an efficient and functional handheld mini vacuum sealer. It is the perfect device to keep even the most sensitive food items from going bad or turning soggy. It comes with reusable BPA-free bags that last ten times longer than other products.

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Its compact bags can lock in the freshness that you can taste whenever. It is made of durable, odor-resistant, stain-resistant glass, and heat safe. The storage containers are ideal for leftovers, lunches, potlucks, or meal prepping.

How Does Save Sealer Work?

Save Sealer will prevent oxygen from getting through the bag. It will keep the food fresh much longer. By reducing atmospheric oxygen, an anaerobic environment limits the growth of bacteria and other pathogens. It also prevents the loss of volatile components through evaporation.

Save Sealer comes with a USB cable and is rechargeable. Save Sealer helps you avoid visits to the grocery store by keeping the food fresh for a longer time. You will also stop throwing food because with Save Sealer, even the leftovers taste good.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get extra bags?

Yes, you can order bags as much as you need, every bag is reusable and washable.

Will it keep my food fresh if I go traveling?

Yes, it keeps the food fresh for a long time.

What size bags do they come with?

Our starter pack includes three small bags and two large ones.

Does it require batteries?

No, it comes with a USB cable, and it is rechargeable.

Customer Reviews

8 reviews for Save Sealer – Handheld Food Vacuum Sealer

  1. Karina Oakley

    So far, so good, in fact, excellent! I couldn’t ask for a better vacuum sealer. Used this even with salmon, and it kept it in perfect shape all that time.

    This worked so great for me. I just couldn’t not to come back here and leave my review. It may help someone who is still in the deciding phase.

    As for me, as of right now, I would absolutely purchase again (I know, it is pretty obvious that I am obsessed with them).

  2. Susanna Griffith

    This lightweight vacuum sealer came nicely packaged. It came with all the reusable bags for sealing. The process was pretty simple, oh, and a tip: make sure you hear the “click” once you pull the lid down to ensure that contact is made between the sealer’s upper and bottom sides.

    The machine works quietly and is versatile for the price. With all those features I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more expensive.

    It worked so well. I use it for vegetables, fruits, and cheese. The cheese will stay fresh much longer if you get the air out. Recommended!

  3. Ailish Noel

    I got this food vacuum sealer when I was preparing for my vacation. But now I used this in my daily life. It is so handy and easy to use. The steps for sealing were simple and easy to follow.

    At first, I thought I’d try it with some of the chicken pieces. We were surprised by how quickly it sucked the air out and sealed it, very impressive. It was also nice to find out that the bags were reusable and can last a long time, and we would no longer create waste.

    The other thing I Like the most about this is that it keeps our good fresh for such a long time. I can freely store food, knowing that it will never go bad. So far, we’re happy with this sealer, and we’re really looking forward to using it to freeze our fresh fruits and veggies these upcoming days.

  4. MIchael Finn

    This little machine works great. I bought it for sous vide but now I am sealing everything. Sure glad I bought extra bags. I just have to figure out how to clean it. I must have lost the instructions.

  5. Marvin Roach

    Save Sealer saved so much of my food from going bad. It saved me a lot of money. I highly recommend it!!!

  6. Frances Johnson

    Save Sealer is the best product if you want to go hiking or camping. It kept my food fresh for a long time. All of my friends started asking me questions about it lol. Now they all ordered one 🙂

  7. Angelia Algarin

    I am always looking for easy and fast ways to work in the kitchen while raising 3 kids. When it comes to saving space and preserving food, this is the best product I’ve discovered. Save Sealer is MOM APPROVED!

  8. Jamie Rochelle

    After reading a lot of 5 star reviews, I put Save Sealer to the test and I must say – the reviews don’t lie. I noticed a huge difference in taste, with fruits and vegetables especially.

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