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Roadside Hero is the new revolutionary multi-functional flashlight. Whether you’re out in an early morning run or walking your dog late at night, this flashlight will always be there to save the day. It is rechargeable and long-lasting. Because it’s so compact and lightweight, you can take it with you in any instance needed.


Introducing Roadside Hero

Your perfect personal guard is here. Fear no more. You can finally go on walks late at night and not worry about your safety thanks to Roadside Hero. This nine-in-one multi-functional flashlight will make your life so much easier.

roadside hero product

A powerful LED light can offer many different functions such as belt, rope cutter, glass breaker, hammer, strobe, work light, emergency light, compass, magnet, power bank, and solar bank.

Roadside Hero is rechargeable and reliable. You will never have to change batteries again. Roadside Hero will save you money in the long run.

Roadside Hero comes with a modern and ergonomic design. It’s lightweight, compact, and portable, which means you can take it anywhere with you. It’s durable and high-quality, and it’s equipped with an anti-slip diamond tread design.

Roadside Hero Is Your Shield

It comes with two different methods of charging via USB or solar light. Roadside Hero is the last flashlight you will ever need to purchase. Thanks to its rechargeable features and the sturdy design, it’s durable and long-lasting.

roadside hero features

Roadside Hero has a long-lasting 2,000 mAh battery. It also doubles as a portable charger for your other electronic devices. It is the perfect companion to have at all times, whether it’s a late-night out or your daily morning run.

With its multiple features, Roadside Hero can help you on numerous occasions. Its feature of a belt cutter makes it able to help when there is a car accident. You can also stick it to any metal surface, so you can work on fixing or repairing something while having perfect light conditions.

You can use the outdoor compass features to find the right way of your surrounding. Quickly navigate and orient yourself in any occasion. Going hiking or camping is easier now than ever with Roadside Hero.

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Recharge your Roadside Hero anytime you want. You can now finally go for walks at night with full confidence. Roadside Hero will keep you safe at all times.

Roadside Hero features

3W 20 Lumen LED – It comes with a super-bright light that will light almost all areas around you.

Window breaker – It serves as a window breaker in case of an emergency.

Seat belt cutter – You can always count on Roadside Hero to help you in case you find yourself being trapped by your seatbelt.

USB charger – You charge your smartphone whenever you need to. You will never be left at 0% again.

Powerful magnet – You can mount it to metal surfaces or stick it when you’re repairing or building something.

Outdoor compass – You can navigate and orient yourself to your surroundings, so you’ll never be lost again.

Ergonomic design – Lightweight, compact, and portable. You can take it anywhere with you.

Durable – The model is made with high-quality anti-slip diamond treads. It will survive any fall. It is scratch-resistant and water-resistant.

Rechargeable – It has dual recharging capability. You can charge it via USB or with natural sunlight.

Work light – It has a side-mounted light that can help you on different occasions.

Red warning light – Its side-mounted red light will warn you when it runs out of battery and needs to recharge.

Frequently asked questions

Can it be charged with natural sunlight?

Yes, it can be charged with natural sunlight and even indoor lights.

Can it stick to metal surfaces?

Yes, thanks to its magnetic mount, you can stick it on any metal surfaces.

How many functions does it do?

It has a total of nine different functions. It is often called the multi-functional flashlight.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instructions manual will be included in the package.

Customer Reviews

7 reviews for Roadside Hero – LED Tactical Flashlight

  1. Lenny Dorsey

    Roadside Hero lives up to the name! I honestly have never been more grateful for a product. The other day my garage caught on fire while I was there playing with my guitar as per usual.

    Out of nowhere, I started smelling smoke, when I got up to look where the smoke was coming from, I noticed there was a little fire in the corner. It was close to the electrical cables!

    I thought its just a matter of seconds until it can catch to the cables. Thankfully, Roadside Hero was right there to my left, I immediately grabbed it and broke the glass of the fire extinguisher.
    After sitting down for a few minutes in a complete silence, because of the shock. I realized that this little flashlight I ordered for fishing about a month ago, literally saved my house from getting caught on fire!

  2. Tamika Leach

    I had to come back and leave a review! I never knew how many of my problems would be solved with just one little gadget.
    Roadside Hero made my life easier, its ergonomic design offers such great portability, I can literally take it anywhere with me.

  3. Jed Mora

    Me and the boys go camping every two months to catch up with each other and drink some beers. We always make sure to get our essentials with us, in case of any emergency. To be honest, we never needed another gadget to feel safe and secure, after all we are 5 big strong men.

    But, with Roadside Hero it is another story. This little gadget is more than enough for us, we just turn it on and thanks to its 3W 20Lumen Led, it lights all our surroundings. It may be a little embarrassing to admit but we feel more safe knowing we have it with us.

  4. Arnold Jimenez

    Honestly, this flashlight is exactly what I needed. I like that it charges my phone aswell.

  5. Leslie Logan

    Roadside Hero is awesome! I just bought two more as birthday presents. One for my dad and the other for my uncle. I’m sure they will love it.

  6. Ellen Smith

    Definitely an incredible flashlight, it saved my life on so many situations. GIRLS get this product and stay safe!!!

  7. Cathy Lovato

    This flashlight is definitely my hero. I can finally feel safe late at night returning from work .

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