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Renu Back is a special innovation that acts as a correction of posture against bad posture and related complaints. It removes back pain, muscle stress, headaches, or any other back pain-related symptoms usually caused by a chronically bent posture. The strap to your back is very easy, and it puts you in the right position and posture immediately.

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Introducing Renu Back

Renu Back is a special innovation that acts as a correction of posture against bad posture and related complaints like back pain. Adjusting the strap to your back is very easy, and it puts you in the right position and posture immediately. This specific posture correction for improved posture called Renu Back comes from the USA. Renu Back helps you stand upright and straight under your clothing, thanks to buckles and Velcro straps.

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It removes back pain, muscle stress, headaches, or any other back pain-related symptoms usually caused by a chronically bent posture.

Poor posture can cause back pain sooner or later. It not only concerns people working in the workplace and sitting the entire day. It affects even the people who don’t sit too often all day. So, it’s not always about standing up or not sitting down as much.

It’s just the circumstances that you find yourself in. It’s usually common for people with a bad posture to get up in the morning because the back is hurting, and feel completely tired from all the pain. But, now there is Renu Back to get this misconduct under control.

Renu Back technical facts

Ultra-sturdy velcro fasteners РExceptionally high quality for continuous opening and closing.

Break-proof stainless steel eyelets –¬†Nickel-free steel instead of cheap plastic. Also ideal for allergy sufferers.

Anti-incision edging –¬†No cutting or scratching against the skin. Two additional pads for further protection are included.

Highly breathable material –¬†The use of posture correction prevents sweating. It offers an incredibly comfortable fit because of the ergonomic fit. The material consists of both comfortable Ultrasoft polyester and high-quality Oxford fabric.

Distribution package РIncludes a postural trainer, two extra soft underarm pads, comprehensive instructions in German with photos, and high-quality packaging.

Note on the product washing process –¬†Washable in the washing machine up to 45 degrees Celsius, but we suggest either a gentle hand wash at 30 degrees Celsius or a gentle wash. Do not iron the product or put it in the tumble dryer.

Renu Back usage and instructions

The collar is put on like a jumper at first. So it falls over the shoulders. There are two belts at the foot that looks like a seat belt in a vehicle. They are balanced on the back through the buckles and pushed forward until a good posture has been adopted.

They will easily be fastened to the front belt with Velcro. Renu Back generates a certain compulsion in the long run, which always holds the upper body in a healthy posture. When the user bends over again, it is going to be very uncomfortable, but not painful. It draws attention to the user and will have to maintain a straight posture.

Regular wearing of the product over clothing is important. Any day, preferably. You should take it off at night. It is also important to wear it for several weeks to build and stabilize an effect. If you wear the product will automatically lose their bad posture over time and gain successful posture correction. It has been proven that any side effects, such as headaches, quickly subside within the first few days.

Renu Back aims to improve posture. Unlike other bandages in this area, the posture correction here is gentle. Furthermore, Renu Back will remove a lot of back pain side effects. It is also ideal for treating back pain, preventing headaches, sore muscles, and general body aches.

Frequently asked questions

Can I wear Renu Back at night?

No, it is not recommended to wear it at night. You can wear it all day as it has more benefits and a much better effect.

Will it be noticeable?

Renu Back has been made with high-quality fabric that blends with your shirt or hoodie and won’t be noticeable.

Where can I order one?

You can check B&D Official Store for our offers.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instructions manual will be included in the package.


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Customer Reviews

Renu Back – Posture Corrector for Men and Women Reviews

  1. Clark John

    I never really thought my posture was so bad until I put Renu Back on. Now, I can’t go anywhere without it. It just makes me feel more confident somehow.

    I guess having a good posture really comes with a lot of benefits. Based on the description, after a few weeks, I can easily remove it and have a perfectly straight posture, can’t wait!

  2. Reanne Lowery

    My husband really loves this. It helped correct his posture. I didn’t even know he bought it or was wearing it under his shirt the first day.
    I just complimented the way he looked. I had noticed he was looking taller but didn’t know why. And then he told me about Renu Back.

    For some reason, he even looked more attractive, especially in the chest, upper back, and neck areas. His posture improved so much.
    According to all these positive reviews, Renu Back is really worth it, and I’m not the only one to think so.

  3. Jimi Carter

    Renu Back saved me from a thousand dollars operation! I had severe back pain that nothing would work on healing it.

    I went from doctor to doctor, spent so much money, and nothing in the end. Besides, doing the operation, but I really didn’t want to. I was scared, and I heard it has so many side effects, terrifying!

    My best friend went out of her way and did some heavy research, and she found Renu Back. She immediately contacted me and told me about Renu Back. So, I thought one last try…

    Summary: It is amazing, it truly lives up to its name. Removed my pain in just a week, left me speechless. So comfortable and lightweight, I even wear it under my clothes.

    I highly recommend this posture corrector to people of all ages. Saved my life!

  4. Shawn Franke

    I cannot believe how much Renu Back helped to fix my posture! I am forever grateful that I found this product. If you have bad posture than I encourage you to buy it right now!

  5. David Pittman

    I got this for my grandpa and he says that his back pain was gone in just a few days! He definitely recommends it!

  6. Joseph Foster

    My back got so much better ever since purchasing Renu Back. I feel young and healthy again.

  7. Randy Duncan

    I highly recommend Renu Back. It fixed my posture like a miracle.

  8. George Goldner

    I always had bad posture and would get yelled constantly by my girlfriend to stand straight. She ordered me the Renu Back and my posture has been straight ever since. Even my mysterious back pains disappeared.

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