Range XTD – WiFi Booster & WiFi Range Extender

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$99.90 $49.95


  • Enhance WiFi Range & Coverage
  • Accelerate Wireless Speed
  • Wireless Speed Up To 300Mbps
  • Faster Downloads & Uploads
  • Eliminate Dead WiFi Spots
  • Compatible With All Internet Providers
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The Solution For Your Slow WiFi

Range XTD is a WiFi Booster & Extender that enhances your current internet connection’s speed and range. It eliminates every dead wifi spot in your home. It enables you to browse the internet without any lag or delay. Get lightning-fast internet speed of up to 300Mbps.

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Featuring an all-new ultra-powerful design with two built-in antennas. Range XTD comes with dual LAN ports and an easy-to-read signal strength indicator. Get rid of all dead WiFi spots forever. Now you can have quick and steady WiFi in every room within your house without having any connectivity issues. 

RangeXTD accelerates your WiFi speed. Providing you with fast internet that you can enjoy anywhere and anytime. Range XTD also comes with easy instructions. All you have to do is plug it in any wall socket and let it do its work. 

Enjoy Fast Internet Wherever You Are

Range XTD provides super-fast internet that can be used by several people at the same time. Range XTD ensures that multiple devices can connect to the network simultaneously, and all dead WiFi zones will be eliminated.

Range XTD - WiFi Booster & WiFi Range Extender 4

By connecting to an existing network, Range XTD will not only extend the signal but make it faster and more robust. With lightning-fast internet speed of up to 300Mbps, you will no longer suffer from slow and unstable WiFi.

It uses secure passwords and encryption to protect you from free-loading or data theft. Extending your house WiFi isn’t the only thing Range XTD can do. Range XTD can be used as a booster, repeater, router, and access point all-in-one. 

You will finally have no lag or delay, whether you’re streaming 4K video content or playing online games. 

Saves You Money And Time

Get faster WiFi all over your house without having to pay extra. Internet service providers slow down your internet speed on purpose. When you complain, they proceed to tell you about their new expensive offers. Making you pay more for something you should’ve already gotten in the first place.

Range XTD - WiFi Booster & WiFi Range Extender 5

With Range XTD, you will have the chance to enhance the internet range and speed without increasing your monthly internet bill.  Range XTD is the best low-cost solution that you will find.

We made sure that Range XTD is as simple as possible, even for our users that don’t consider themselves tech-savvy. Save your time by avoiding complicated instructions, unlike other wi-fi extender products.

Range XTD Specifications

  • Two built-in antennas
  • Wireless speed up to 300mbps
  • Supports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption
  • 1 LAN port and 1 WAN/LAN port
  • Single-push WPS button
  • Signal strength LED
  • Mode and Power controls
  • Wizard setup

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I install it?

You can set it up anywhere in a wall socket.

Can I travel with it?

Yes, thanks to its convenient size, you can take it anywhere you go.

Does it connect to my current Wi-Fi?

Range XTD connects to any existing Wi-Fi signal making it faster and extending the range.


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Customer Reviews

Range XTD – WiFi Booster & WiFi Range Extender Reviews

  1. Drew Bain

    This device saved my job! Working from home has been really great these last months and I put all my effort there. But, the constant problems with my internet connection almost risked me getting fired.

    I was having interruptions almost every 5 minutes and would leave me behind on my work tasks which were crucial to the current project. It was really frustrating and I felt really bad because it wasn’t in my hands to fix it.

    No matter how much I called the internet provider company, they would leave me on hold or just tell me that everything will be good in 30 minutes. This went for one week and I had enough of it. So, I decided to find a solution!

    After some research I came across Range XTD and I just loved everything that I was reading, it was exactly what I needed. After ordering it arrived in two days, props to the shipping. Even, the installation was really simple. My internet connection speed up a lot! I couldn’t believe how fast it was, I was finally able to perform at my highest at work, even got a compliment from my boss… I hope I get a raise soon lool

  2. Raul Whitaker

    This wifi range extender is so great! It is very simple to set up. The coverage of the internet signal is amazing, it covers every room in my 4 floor house. It is amazing!

    Me and my family always wanted to have family dinners in our garden, but the signal would never reach. It was really frustrating. But, now with this amazing device, we almost never eat inside the house. I love it!

  3. Arielle Velez

    I have gone through many different wifi boosters and none of them come even close to Range XTD. First, the shipping was really fast, it arrived in exactly two days just like it claimed to.

    Second, it comes with a super simple setup. I knew how to install it just with a glance at the instructions manual. The differences were obvious at the first try, my internet speed went from 20mbps to 300mbps… I don’t know how did I used to get work done before.

    In terms of use, this wifi booster is more reliable than ever. I never, not even once, lost internet connection. Definitely a great product for a great price!

  4. Martha Helms

    My internet is sooooo much faster, I can’t believe it!!! Netflix and Youtube used to get stuck loading every 3 seconds, now they load instantly with high definition quality….. Worth every penny!!!!!!

  5. Sharon Allen

    Range XTD removed every dead spot in my home. I finally have a much faster wifi, in every bedroom.

  6. Vernon Nathan

    Me, my wife and our kids always wanted to do a movie night in the backyard but we never could because of wifi issues. With Range XTD now we can watch movies in there anytime we want, usually on the weekends. Family nights have been real fun lately.

  7. David Scoggin

    My room was a dead spot for wifi. I always struggled with it until a friend told me about Range XTD. It saved my life, now I have wifi in my room and I can finally get work done.

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