Quiet Buds – Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs

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  • Noise Cancelling Earplugs: Developed by audiologists for maximum noise cancellation.
  • Adjustable Filters: Swap between three cores, depending on the level of noise cancelling you need.
  • Comfortable: There are three swappable fits to match every size of the ear. You can wear them without feeling pressure in your ears, all day long.
  • Portable: Quiet Buds come with a compact case, perfect for all your travel needs.
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Enjoy The Silence With Quiet Buds

Quiet Buds are built with the highest-quality noise cancelation technology. They’re made to last and will give you years of excellent hearing. They help you get a good night’s sleep, even if you’ve got loud neighbors or loud barking dogs.

Quiet Buds block noisy cars, trains, aircrafts, construction activity and more. They even protect your hearing during loud concerts and sporting events.

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Quiet Buds have customizable level of noise reduction, they can be adjusted to allow you to listen to conversations while blocking distracting background noise. Pick the noise control level you need and insert the core filter that blocks different noise ranges into the Quiet Buds earplugs.

The Quiet Buds are the most suitable substitute for conventional earplugs. These noise-canceling earplugs are made of sturdy CNC aluminum and their zippered carrying case is made with comfortable EVA foam. Quiet Buds fit any size and shape of ears, the package includes three swappable fits.

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Customizable Level of Noise Reduction

These earplugs come with three interchangeable core filters. Each core filter has its purpose, you can put in the one that matches your needs. 

  • Commute cores – This filter provides the lowest noise reduction, minimizing the total ambient noise while still allowing you to hear people who talk to you completely.
  • Concert cores – This filter provides a medium noise reduction level, equivalent to the amount of noise reduction provided by foam earplugs but with greater comfort.
  • Ocean Quiet cores – This filter eliminates any noise coming in. This filter offers a full amount of noise reduction and is suitable for meditation or sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean them?
To wash off any residue, clean the ear seals with a cloth and warm water.

What comes with the set?
It comes with its carrying case, three sets of interchangeable cores, and three sets of swappable fits.


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Customer Reviews

Quiet Buds – Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs Reviews

  1. Gilbert Tate

    I have super small ears, and traditional earplugs were uncomfortable and would fall out every minute. These fit perfectly in my ear and are so comfortable.

    Easy to use, I was finally able to sleep on my side with no pain the next day. Oh, and I never hear my brother snoring anymore….this is the best part.

  2. Keane Finch

    I sleep with Quiet Buds literally every single night, and these are fantastic! I like the modern design of them.

    They are comfortable and easy to fit. It’s easy to pull them out, it’s comfortable, and it blocks way more noise than other designs I’ve tried.

    Based on the reviews, I can see that these can fit into almost all of the people’s ears. I mean, everyone has different and unique earholes. Very pleased!

  3. Melisa Downs

    These earbuds are excellent! They perfectly remedy to my problem. I live with 3 other roommates, and my room is right next to the bathroom. So, in the early morning, when they are taking a shower, Quiet Buds is where it comes to the rescue.

    These even helped me at night for sleeping, I am a light sleeper and would wake up every 30 minutes, but I found the cure…finally!

    They are the right size, so they don’t fall out at all in my sleep, and they black the noise well enough. I am very satisfied with them.

  4. James Warner

    I work as a bartender and the noise at the bar is so annoying and damaging to my ears. Thankfully I use Quiet Buds and I still have perfect hearing.

  5. Liana Edmonds

    I like to read in a local coffee shop but the noise is very distracting. Thanks to Quiet Buds I can reduce that noise down while still being able to hear people talk to me!

  6. Gregory Macias

    I go jogging every morning and I could never find earbuds that were comfortable to wear until I came across Quiet Buds. These are so good, they’re so comfortable and practical. I wear them basically everywhere.

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