Proper Focus – Adjustable Focus Eyeglasses

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  • Adjustable Focus: Self-regulating eyeglasses that you can adjust accordingly to your requirements.
  • Eleminate Blurry Eyesight: They will allow you to correct even the smallest defects, such as mild myopia or astigmatism.
  • Multiple Functions: You can easily adjust the focus to switch between activities such as reading and watching TV.
  • Made For EveryoneAny age can use these glasses, young or old. They have a sleek, stylish, modern and unisex design.
  • High Protection: The lenses in Proper Focus have UV Ray and Blue Light filters.

Introducing Proper Focus

Are you tired of constantly having blurry vision? Put an end to your struggle with bad eyesight with this new revolutionary product called Proper Focus. The Proper Focus glasses are adjustable glasses that will help you get rid of blurry vision and correct your eyesight for the better.

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Proper Focus are self-regulating glasses that will efficiently allow the consumer to change their vision glasses properly. Adjust each lens correctly and get the clear vision you’ve always wanted. You can finally spend more time reading or watching movies without your eyes hurting.

Proper Focus glasses are practical for everyone to use. With these glasses, you will able to see the near images and the far images correctly. Proper Focus glasses are lightweight, compact, and small.

Adjust the lenses correctly and get a proper clear, rested vision. Proper Focus glasses use dual-lens technology that allows you to regulate the lenses depending on your activity. You can switch between activities comfortably, avoiding excessive eyestrain.

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It will allow users to correct even the smallest defects, such as mild myopia or astigmatism. It is the perfect combination of comfort, innovation, and convenience.

Get A Clear Vision With Proper Focus

These lenses come with different focal lengths. They can easily be adjusted according to users’ sightedness needs. Proper Focus glasses are made of polycarbonate material. They are scratch-resistant and dust-proof.

The frame of the product is made from a strong fiber material that enhances the glasses. The fiber material makes these glasses flexible and robust so that they can avoid any crash to the ground. Proper Focus glasses are an effective solution for all your vision problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are they strong enough to handle a fall?

Yes, the material is polycarbonate. Therefore, the glasses are robust, shock-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

Can I adjust them to my vision?

Yes, you can adjust your lenses to comfortably and correctly meet your requirements.

Can I wear them to use my computer?

Yes, you can use them as much as you want for any activity, such as reading and playing games.

How do these glasses work?

These self-regulating glasses will allow you to correct your vision.

Customer Reviews

5 reviews for Proper Focus – Adjustable Focus Eyeglasses

  1. Catherine Grant

    I highly recommend these glasses to anyone who is struggling with bad eyesight.

  2. Daisy Parry

    I LOVE Proper Focus!!!! It helped me so much through college, my eyesight is completely blurry without them. Love it, love it, love it!

  3. Melissa Hill

    I often visit my grandpa in my childhood town where I grew up. Last time I was there, I noticed my grandpa getting frustrated and angry because he couldn’t read the newspaper or read the text on the tv.

    I couldn’t stay still, I needed to do something. I bought him this product and immediately told him to wear it. He was so happy. He said that he could finally see clearly. He hugged me so tight, and told me that I’m the favorite.

  4. Lyle Jorgensen

    Last weekend I was reading an article on the internet and came across Proper Focus. The minute I read its features, it grabbed my attention. I ordered it and waited patiently until it arrived. Luckily, that wasn’t long, the shipping was very fast. I opened the package and wore them, they were lightweight and comfortable. My focus was enhanced a lot more. I could finally see the traffic lights at night even from far away.

  5. Kathleen Jones

    I read love reading books. But, I recently noticed that my focus was getting a little blurry. I got sad that I couldn’t focus properly while reading. My daughter noticed that I was struggling and she asked her ophthalmologist about a solution. The doctor told us about Proper Focus. I started using it and I immediately could tell the difference. My eyesight got so much better and I can finally read books without any issues.

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