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Perro Pal is the new revolutionary nail trimmer that everyone is talking about. It is lightweight, compact, and portable. It is extremely easy to use. Its rotatory standing wheel is painless and functional. It’s suitable for any dog.

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Introducing Perro Pal

Trimming your pet’s nails can always be a bit of trouble. Whether you’re sending them to the groomer or doing them by yourself, it’s not as pleasant of an experience. Your pets can feel uncomfortable and stressed whenever grooming times come around.

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The old fashioned guillotine-style nail clippers aren’t the best-looking gadgets out there. Not to mention they’re scary to use and cause so much stress and anxiety to your pets. That is why Perro Pal is the one nail clipper you should use.

Perro Pal is the new revolutionary nail trimmer that everyone is talking about. It will totally improve your pet’s health for the better. You no longer have to spend hundreds on groomers that barely do a good job.

With Perro Pal, your pet won’t feel stressed when grooming time comes around. You can effortlessly do what you pay groomers hundreds to do every month. And all of this safely and securely.

Perro Pal will allow you to reduce your pet’s anxieties completely. You can trim your pet’s nails in the comfort of your own home without spending anything. Put an end to unnecessarily costly vet visits.

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Turn grooming and taking care of your pets into a bonding experience with Perro Pal. Strengthen that special bond with your dog even in the most unconventional moments.

Trim Your Pet’s Nails With Perro Pal

Perro Pal is lightweight, compact, and portable. You can take it anywhere you need to. Whether it is a camping trip or a family trip across the country, Perro Pal can always be with you. It won’t take up much space in your handbag or backpack.

Perro Pal is extremely easy to use. Its rotatory standing wheel is painless and functional. It can be replaced when it’s worn out from multiple uses. It doesn’t make that big of a mess, and it’s extremely easy to clean up after usage.

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Perro Pal is designed by dog owners for dog owners. It is paired with a bright LED detail light. This helps you with your pet’s blood vessel, which, when a cut, could cause serious damage. With this light, you can correctly cut your pet’s nails.

Perro Pal comes with three different speeds that will correctly grind down your pets’ nails to the correct length. Accurately maintaining your pet’s nails will drastically improve their health and hygiene.

Perro Pal Features

Replaceable sanding wheel – You won’t need to worry that your sanding wheel will be worn out as it can be removed and replaced.

LED detail light – The powerful light will help you not accidentally hurt your pet while cutting their nails.

Cordless – It is battery operated, so there’s no need for messy tangling of cords.

Pain-free and stress-free – Your dog won’t feel any pain or stress anymore when grooming time is near.

Easy to use – There’s no need for complicated instructions. The product is easy to understand.

Good hygiene – Maintain your pets, good hygiene, and health in the comfort of your own home.

Perro Pal Instructions

After getting Perro Pal, open the battery compartment on one end.

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Insert three double-A batteries and close the battery compartment shut securely.

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Select the setting you feel is the best for your pet.
Press the power button and maintain your pet’s nails simple and stress-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it simple to use?

Yes, it is extremely easy and simple to use.

Are the instructions included in the package?

Yes, the instructions are included with the product.

Can I trim my cat’s nails with this nail cutter?

Yes, the kit can be used for both cats and dogs.

Can it cut through thicker nails?

Yes, its three-speed settings allow you to adjust and cut through even the thickest and brittle nails.

Is it time-consuming?

No, all it will take you are a few taps on the nail, and you’re done.


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Customer Reviews

Perro Pal – Dog Nail Clippers – Pet Nails Trimmer Reviews

  1. Ellis Chaney

    My brother bought this after trying three others that ended up in the trash real quick…

    This one is is great for both of my dogs! They don’t seem to mind it at all. It is safe and painless which is great in protecting my babies.

    The one thing I love the most is how it has this LED light, that helps you to not accidentally hurt your pet while cutting their nails. Honestly amazing!

  2. Sasha Williams

    I got this for my cats. For the first time they are not afraid of a nail clipper. It’s not loud at all. It works just great! And the cats don’t seem to mind getting their nails done with this tool.

    Trying to use regular trimmers was a nightmare. They were loud and very damaging to my cats nails.

    I’m so happy I bought this! It has made my life with my 3 cats much easier and less scratchy lol.

  3. Saoirse Park

    We have a 8 month old puppy, and her nails always grow so fast, we have to continually trim them or else she would accidentally scratch us.

    With this tool the operation is very easy, just select the setting you feel is best for your pet. Continue to press the power button to maintain your pet’s nails simple and pain-free.

  4. Jarod Bridges

    I have a german shepherd named Coco, I love him so much, he is my baby. Taking care of him is part of my daily life and I don’t mind doing it at all.

    I have gone through so many clipping tools, a lot of them were harmful to my Coco. They would cause him to bleed and hurt him, which would completely shatter me.

    When I got Perro Pal, I wasn’t really excited about it, I mean, to me it was just another clipping tool. But, it turned out to be a whole different story!

    I had no idea I was missing such a tool! Perro Pal is the most functional and easy to use pet nail trimmer. It comes with a rotatory standing wheel that is painless, it is suitable for any dog. So many of my friends borrowed it for their dogs and they love it.

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