LiveGuard Pro – WiFi Bulb Security Camera, Wireless 360 Degree Panoramic IP Camera Bulb

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LiveGuard Pro is the new revolutionary camera that is disguised as a bulb light. It has a LED light that can light up all the indoor areas, providing you a crystal clear footage. It is connected to the Internet and supports Wi-Fi. You can watch it live remotely. It comes with 128 GB storage and high-resolution capture to make your security structure better.


Introducing LiveGuard Pro

When you don’t have to worry about your house’s safety, going out with friends and family is so much fun. Seems impossible? Not anymore. The LiveGuard Pro will make your life stress-free and easier than ever.

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This new revolutionary security camera is the perfect disguise and the best solution for protecting your property.

LiveGuard Pro is a new fish-eye like monitor bulb camera that is the perfect combination of a 360-degree camera and a LED light. Thanks to the 360-degree camera, you will be assured to have no blind spots in your view.

What makes this camera unique from other cameras is that it is connected to the internet. You will have access to your house even remotely when you’re far away. LiveGuard Pro has an integrated live monitor 360 camera. It will give you a clear view of what’s going on in your rooms.

LiveGuard Pro size

LiveGuard Pro has a CMOS sensor that produces an FHD image at 1280x960p resolution. You will always have a crystal clear view of your footage or photos. You can see all the little details, even in complete darkness. It comes with an integrated sensor that will ensure you to get clear and detailed security footage at any time you want.

LiveGuard Pro Will Keep Your Home Safe

LiveGuard Pro comes with motion detectors and 128 GB of SD card support. With LiveGuard will always have a good security structure. You can rest assured knowing that you will have the perfect direct stream live home monitor camera.

LiveGuar Pro is a live monitoring camera with app support. It also comes with WiFi support. The app will allow you to log in and check out your property from anywhere you are.

LiveGuard Pro features

You will have the perfect disguise as it masquerades to the other people as an ordinary LED bulb. You will able to catch criminals in action when they don’t even expect it. You can even help law enforcement to track thieves down and arrest them.

The easiest security solution for protecting yourself and your family. It is a perfect disguise to catch the unwanted. It covers all possible angles and provides detailed images that will benefit you in many ways.

LiveGuard Pro will give you a 360-degree complete vision of your home. It will allow you to monitor it remotely. If you want to protect your properties in the best and efficient way possible, LiveGuard Pro is for you!

LiveGuard Pro Features

Easy to use – It doesn’t require time or effort to use it. All you have to do is put it in place, and that’s it. It is not a hassle to set it up.

Safe to use – It is 100% safe to use. You won’t have any accidental burning marks on your hands.

Camera – It comes with an integrated live monitor 360 camera that will give you a clear idea of everything going on in your indoor environment.

High resolution – It has a CMOS sensor in place that produces FHD images at 1280x900p resolution.

LED light – The unique LED light will benefit you in so many ways by completely lighting up the indoor area and giving you a clear view.

Big Space – It comes with 128 GB of SD card support to make your security structure better.

Watch Remotely РYou can rest assured knowing that you can watch your house from anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch live from my workplace?

Yes, you can livestream it from anywhere in the world.

Do you offer a 30-day guarantee?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can require a refund.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instructions manual will be included in the package.

Customer Reviews

3 reviews for LiveGuard Pro – WiFi Bulb Security Camera, Wireless 360 Degree Panoramic IP Camera Bulb

  1. Kelsey Neville

    Give me peace of mind! The picture quality is excellent, more than acceptable, I’d say. I am fully satisfied with this product. The shipping was great too. It arrived in exactly two days. Everything was included in the package. Huge applause for that. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have a safe and secure house, even when they’re out.

  2. Stephan Patterson

    I like how simple it is to set it up and manage everything through the app. I think it offers a good quality image, and it has options to see crystal clear footage. There is absolutely no way inside my home without being seen. It makes me feel so secure and reassures that my home is safe. Very happy with my order!

  3. Troy Edge

    A very nice camera bulb! Gives many different types of views. It has excellent night vision and works wonders. I can finally go out and fully enjoy my time without having to worry about the house. Whenever I do, I check my phone and look if everything is alright.

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