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Lingo Get operates very simply. It is a gadget that you can set in 30 different languages with over 10,000 words used in casual conversations. These words are categorized into three levels of difficulty, from basic to moderate to challenging. Lingo Get is the new way to master any language.


Travel anywhere with Lingo Get

When we go on holiday vacation in a different state, we always struggle to have a conversation with the locals there. Everybody has at least experienced once the struggles of not being understood. Whether we’re looking for a different room at the hotel or when ordering food at the restaurant.

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Nowadays, it is pretty challenging to learn a language. Online programs don’t always keep what they promise. That’s why we’ve now tried out a language learning product that will make your life easier. Talk any language with no hint of an accent and blend with your mates. Lingo Get will help you to learn the daily conversations you need.

Lingo Get is marketed as a groundbreaking language-learning tool by its creator. It is designed to support over 30 languages and to help you learn new languages even more quickly than before.

A unique form of learning is based on the repetition principle. It is paired with a new type of speech recognition technology. Lingo Get is the new way to master any language. 10000+ words, three lightning-fast language courses.

Become bilingual with this revolutionary speech recognition device

Forget complicated online tests and notebooks. This tiny yet powerful device fits into your pocket. Wherever you are, you can use that on the go. Current forms of learning rely on grammar cramming, mind-numbing assessments, and time-consuming. Learn a new tedium-free language in 30 days or less. Lingo Get is your portable speaking partner who will teach you 30 languages with sentences, phrases, and right pronunciations.

Europe’s top specialists carefully crafted this innovative, state-of-the-art gadget as an optimal learning solution. Lingo Get uses a revolutionary speech recognition technology to help you learn spoken language with a button. It has never been this easy.

It’s always daunting to speak in a foreign language. What if I make a mistake? What if my pronunciation is undisclosed? Nothing worse than making a fool of yourself by mumbling unnecessarily in a language you’re supposed to know.

Lingo Get will help alleviate all those fears. It will correct your speech and help you learn to communicate every step of the way. Forget the awkwardness. Conquer conversations with flawlessly articulated international diction that Lingo Get will make it happen.

Lingo Get specifications

  • It supports over 30 languages.
  • Three difficulty levels.
  • Ten thousand words were deposited.
  • Practical and perfect for traveling.
  • Modern white design.
  • Continuous learning time: up to 12 hours.
  • Rapid reaction time.
  • Using only one button to change the language.

Lingo Get instructions

  • Select language – Choose one of the 30 + languages you’ll quickly master.
  • Select an apprenticeship course 
    • “Beginner” can teach you 1000 words in any language.
    • “Intermediate” level will allow you to use short sentences and manage up to 98% of the most popular conversations in real life.
    • “Advanced”: get the promotion you deserve, impress your peers, forget about social awkwardness, master a foreign language, and speak better than a native.
  • Controls – A two-step, genius learning process. Forget about books and tests: use one key to communicate and the other to listen. Designed and perfected by European linguists of the highest level.

Learn a new language in a short time

Lingo Get operates very simply. You can set a gadget in 30 different languages with over 10,000 words used in casual conversations. These words are categorized into three levels of difficulty:

  1. Basic
  2. Moderate
  3. Challenging

The computer works by being connected to a smartphone that it uses as a user interface. The smartphone lets you pick the level of difficulty you are comfortable with, the lesson you want to learn, and the mode you want the app to operate in.

There are two modes, the mode for translators and the mode for teachers. The translator mode enables you to translate anything that’s spoken around you. There is a speech-to-text tool that converts the spoken word so that you can get a representation of that on your phone.

This tool lets you learn the language even more quickly. The device can choose from over 30 languages. It enables you to learn any of them in whatever combination you prefer. Bluetooth is enabled on the device. It works by synchronizing with your smartphone so that you can pick any of its functions.

Frequently asked questions

How many languages can I learn?

You can learn 30 languages and master them at an advanced level.

Does it come with an adapter?

No, Lingo Get comes with a micro USB that lets you charge it anywhere.

Can kids use it?

Of course, Lingo Get is very user friendly for every age.

Where can I order one?

We encourage you to visit the B&D Official Store for ordering details.

Customer Reviews

7 reviews for Lingo Get – Language Translator

  1. Jensen Conrad

    The time to finish my bucket list had come. A trip to Paris was reserved! One of the main essentials I needed to have was a translator device. I did a lot of research about one, but not one of them had such positive reviews as Lingo Get. Now that I am back from my trip, I have made a list of pros and cons:

    PROS: It translates accurately every language.
    The translation speed is really fast.
    The battery life is very long. With a single charge, I used it for days.
    The modern design is something I adore, so cute!

    I wish it came in different colors.
    Always, out of stock, people are buying this rapidly fast, so be quick.

  2. Emanuel Ibarra

    This puts other translate devices to shame! I used to think that the web translators were good enough, but now I laugh when I think of them.
    I had a previous device and thought it was fine until I got to communicate with people in Korea. I was SO embarrassed. But, now I am glad I bought this device, super easy to use. All you have to do is click the source language button and speak. It will translate to whatever language you choose. Honestly, I am in love with it, lol.

  3. Vivian Green

    I just received this device and was eager to test it before I went on my Europe trip. I was able to test it once for German, and it translated correctly (we tested it with my german friend). Then, as impatient as we were, we started testing it for every language with Google translate lol.

    It impressed us a lot, as it translated in every language that it offers, and everything was CORRECT! It can translate within split seconds and get it right all the time. So far, it has served me great, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to travel.

  4. Lisa Kehoe

    Forget paying expensive classes to learn a new language! Lingo Get is much more effective. I highly recommend it!

  5. Gerald Carson

    Lingo Get is very helpful to learn new languages. I’m currently learning spanish 🙂

  6. Pilar Smith

    This device made my dream come true. I always wanted to travel but couldn’t because of the different languages, but now I can travel wherever I want as long as I got Lingo Get with me.

  7. Anthony Barnes

    This device saved our life. I went on Japan with my girlfriend and we couldn’t figure out our hotel at the time. Until she pulled out Lingo Get and started using it. It was like having a person who knows every language.

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