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Kore Tense system is a high-intensity workout resistance band. It is compact, lightweight, and portable. The bands will provide you the most versatile exercise options. Improve your workout routine. Make it enjoyable and fun with Kore Tense.

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Introducing Kore Tense

Working out at the gym can sometimes be troublesome. From so many groups of people attending to having to use equipment previously used by other sweaty people. The whole ordeal is not as reassuring for your health.

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On top of that, you have to pay so much money for a simple monthly membership. Alternatively, you could work out from home. But you need the best equipment without having to spend hundreds on machines you might not use. That is why Kore Tense is the best solution for you.

Kore Tense system is a high-intensity workout resistance band. It helps you maintain a healthy workout regime without having to spend hundreds and thousands a year on a gym membership.

Kore Tense is a high-intensity and low-impact system of working out. This means you will effectively build muscle fast without accidentally straining your body and hurt yourself. Check off all of your workout goals.

Get in amazing shape and improve your health. Get rid of expensive and time-consuming gym trips from your daily routine. Use the Kore Tense resistance bands for easy and effective workout routines in the comfort of your own home.

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Kore Tense is the ideal alternative for when you don’t have a workout partner. Build your muscles by yourself. You can even lose weight by doing cardio and having fun while doing it.

Kore Tense Is Your Perfect Workout Partner

Kore Tense’s advanced bands continuously provide you with tension on your muscles. Your workout routine is going to be filled with high range motions ensuring maximum efficiency throughout it all.

Kore Tense is compact, lightweight, and portable. With it you will exercise anywhere you want. Use up your whole house area and have fun while working out. Kore Tense is its own portable gym, which can be used with a few seconds of setup.

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Build up your muscle strength faster and more effectively with Kore Tense. The resistance bands offer you five different resistance weights. They can be used together or separately, depending on your routine and strength.

The bands will provide you the most versatile exercise options. Improve your workout routine. Make it enjoyable and fun with Kore Tense.

Kore Tense comes with a complete set of 100 pounds of resistance weight bands. The door anchor, alongside two foam handles and two ankle straps, is provided with the package.

It also offers the Kore Tense Workout Guide. It’s perfect for even the people who are just starting working out. Customize your workout routine and build muscle and strength with this versatile product.


Exercise anywhere – It is convenient to use in any place you need it, whether at the gym or your own home.

Easy and effective – It’s simple to use, and it will help you achieve all your goals fast.

Improve endurance – It can help you build endurance effectively with everyday use.

Joint protection – It’s safe to use and helps you healthily protect your joints and muscles.

Boost flexibility – With each use, your muscles become more flexible and strong.

Time-Saving – Save your time by doing all your workouts at home more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the instructions included in the package?

Yes, the instructions will be included with the product.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, the product is extremely easy to use.

Can I use it to stretch my muscles?

Yes, the product’s versatile usage allows you to not only work on your muscles but stretch them too.

Can I use the bands together?

Yes, you can attack the bands together to provide maximum resistance weight.

Can I have a refund?

You have 30 days to try out the product. If you’re not satisfied with it and you can return it for a full refund.


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Customer Reviews

Kore Tense – Home Workout Tools – Resistance Bands Set Reviews

  1. Ruben Wolfe

    My dad was turning 57 for his birthday and the only thing he wanted was Kore Tense, he had heard a lot about it from his friends.

    We obviously ordered this for him and it arrived on his birthday, he got so excited, it was really cute.

    It has been now months since he started using them and he is so much healthier now, he can walk a lot and workout every morning. He seriously puts my younger brothers to shame lol.

  2. Melisa Pugh

    A great set of resistance bands! Very versatile, lightweight, and easy to use. You can use them on your own or home doors.

    I never get bored because I like to do many diverse workouts when I’m training. It is a great purchase for the price. It actually arrived a day early and I couldn’t wait to use them. Wish I had gotten them sonnoner.

    The workout guide that comes with it, gives you weekly plans to follow, which is great!

  3. Joshua Suarez

    I’ve been changing apartments a lot recently because I can’t afford them. I even had to cancel my gym membership, I needed something that I am able to take it with me anywhere I go.

    After being on a lookout for a while, I found Kore Tense. All these positive review were definitely endearing.

    The day I got this product I immediately put it to use. Even now I’m still amazed by this product. I highly recommend it!

  4. Alexandre Herring

    Working out has never been more fun than with Kore Tense! I never realized how productive a workout at home could be. I was always a gym guy but now I barely go there.

    These resistance bands offer a variety of workouts. Maybe the only issue I have is the lack of training videos. It would be nice if B&D Official Store would provide us with some lessons or a YouTube channel.

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