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Keyless PRO is the laser projection keyboard that will make your work and responsibilities completely mobile. It’s the device that will only need a simple flat surface to work on. Keyless PRO is compact, lightweight and portable.


Introducing Keyless PRO

Sometimes taking your laptop with you everywhere you go isn’t the ideal thing. Sometimes it won’t fit on your bag, or it becomes a hassle to move around. That’s why people are looking for different solutions to this inconvenience.

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Keyless PRO is the laser projection keyboard that will make your work and responsibilities completely mobile. It’s the device that will only need a simple flat surface to work on. Type faster and more effectively with this amazing gadget.

Keyless PRO is about to be the most important gadget in your house. It’s extremely easy and reliable. Many are considering this gadget as the future of keyboards. Keyless PRO is the gadget you need if you want to save time and money.

Keyless PRO is easy and simple to set up. You won’t need any prior knowledge of technology and keyboards to know how to function with it. In just a matter of seconds, Keyless PRO can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth and recognized in seconds, displaying the virtual keyboard onto the desk.

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Regular keyboards are a huge hassle. They’re big and heavy, and can take up too much space on your bag. Not to mention how long it can take you to set it up with your devices. Keyless PRO allows you to effectively use up your time.

Keyless PRO Is The Keyboard That Will Improve Your Performance

Keyless PRO is easily paired with a phone. You can still use the phone normally, but type on a better speed and finish up those emails and work reports way faster. All you need is a flat surface and your devices at hand to easily type away.

Keyless PRO is compact, lightweight and portable. Take it with you anywhere you need to. It won’t take up much space on your bag or pocket and will easily set up on the go. Throw out the heavy keyboards and get a Keyless PRO for yourself.

Keyless PRO features

Keyless PRO is completely wireless. You can connect the device via Bluetooth and won’t have to think about all the wires and cables. ALl you need to do is stand it up near your smart device or phone and press the button to turn it on.

Normal keyboards usually fade out or start malfunctioning after usage. Unlike them, Keyless PRO is long-lasting and won’t break on you. It always displays the LED light keyboard onto your desk and works every time you use it.

Keyless PRO is paired with sounds so that anytime you touch a button, you’ll be sure you are pressing the right keys. The volume can be adjusted according to your preferences so that it won’t be intrusive or disturb you while working. The projection of the keyboard can be adjusted too in order to get you the right light glow depending on the environment.


Easy to use – You won’t need any complicated instructions to understand how to use this virtual keyboard.

Convenient and portable – You can take it anywhere with you without worrying, whether it is your bag or pocket.

Compact and lightweight – You don’t have to worry about your classic keyboard accidentally breaking or losing a key.

Wireless – You can connect this virtual keyboard to your phone or smart devices via Bluetooth, no need for the hassle of cables.

Energy-efficient – It will save you energy and money as it’s long lasting and doesn’t require constantly plugging in to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to use?

Yes, the virtual keyboard is extremely simple and easy to use.

Can I connect it to my Android?

Yes, the device can be connected to any phone or smart device.

Are the instructions included?

Yes, the instructions are included with the package.

Is the LED light strong?

Yes, the LED light is strong and can be adjusted to your surroundings.

Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Keyless PRO – Laser Projection Keyboard

  1. Franky Field

    My 11-year-old daughter wanted this keyboard. It works extremely well. It’s very simplistic to operate. It is a keyboard, which is projected onto any surface. Once it is activated, you type as if you had a physical keyboard. I am amazed at how it works. I am fascinated by how the light signals the key to strike particular letters and numbers. Great value and a great product!

  2. Arnav Mcconnell

    This is only marginally larger than a small box of the package of a card. If you want to have a functional keyboard, then this is the perfect tool for you. Connectivity is fast and stable. Once you get used to it, it is a breeze to use, and it is so much better than I expected.

  3. Aaliya Leach

    This device works even better than advertised! The first thing is that I no longer need to carry the heavy keyboard that would hurt my back because of how heavy my backpack would be. But, now I only need this device and my laptop, nothing else. A+++++

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