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Ion Shower Spa is a showerhead. A quick but extremely successful solution to your bad experience with showers. It preserves natural moisture in the skin, prevents chlorine from entering the skin, hair, and enhances the strength of washing.


Introducing Ion Shower Spa

Did you know that your shower’s bathwater is full of poisonous substances that are slowly destroying your skin and hair? So many people have switched from using conventional showerheads to using ionic filtered showerheads. Ordinary heads of shower do nothing more than humidifying your skin. Fortunately, the new revolutionary Ion Shower Spa is quick to substitute.

Ion Shower Spa

The Ion Shower Spa will change your morning routine. It is a quick but extremely successful solution to your daily showers.

Ion Shower Spa preserves natural moisture in the skin, prevents chlorine from entering the skin and hair. The innovative technology used for Ion Shower Spa benefits by softening the water that flows through the mechanism.

Have healthy hair with Ion Shower Spa

With Ion Shower Spa, you’ll feel like you’re in an actual spa when you are showering. With its attributes, you can come out of the shower clean and free from all the tension you felt. You’re going to be happy to get back into the shower at home.

Ion Shower Spa filters out 99 percent of chlorine-like toxins and toxic chemicals. It filters your drinking water into natural mineral balls, serving as a negative ion filter that significantly improves the water’s purity.

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It is a showerhead specially built. Prepared with powerful bioactive minerals (the beads you see in the showerhead) that primarily filter the water you get through the showerhead. The minerals in the showerhead have been shown to decrease or reduce the water’s hardness entirely. Hard waterĀ comes with many chemicals that aren’t very good for your skin, food, and even an ordinary showerhead.

Ion Shower Spa has helped more than 200,000 people shower healthier by eliminating pollutants, chlorine, and bacteria. Saving millions of gallons of water and making countless showers more fun by raising water pressure to 35%.

One of the finest showers on the market is the Ion Shower Spa. It contains a cartridge of vitamin C filtering the water to eliminate ammonia, fluorides, and other harmful substances. There’s the showerhead to encourage good hair and to help treat dry skin.

Ion Shower Spa benefits

  • Health care shower system – The top-class showerhead consists of quality metal and vitamin C + E internal filter nozzle. It features a 15-stage shower system. This rain shower headset will amaze you with the new water filtration design and shower technology.
  • Air purifier – It reduces ammonia, heavy metals, rust, clay, Etc.
  • Rejuvenating body – KDF 55, alkaline ceramic balls, activated carbon, calcium sulfite, and other filtering materials guarantees the best water quality purification result.
  • No efforts needed – No need to call for support. Installs with only one hand tightened contact in minutes. It fits every normal form of standard shower types, rainfall, and handheld shower. No equipment is required.
  • Modern gift box and bonuses – You get a luxury gift box with five stylish shower caps and a Teflon tape with this rain shower head and vitamin C+E bottle. We place the highest emphasis on satisfied and happy customers.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe for my skin?

Yes, Ion Shower Spa has been proven to be 100% safe guaranteed for skin and hair.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, however, it is very easy to use. You will figure it out with just a glance.

Where can I order?

We encourage you to check the B&D Official Store check for more details.


B&D Official Store

Customer Reviews

Ion Shower Spa – Showerhead Reviews

  1. Nichole Grimes

    The instructions on the box were very well detailed. I understood everything just by a glance. One thing to note is that this can benefit you for more than just hair and skin, it improves the water sewage and will turn it completely new.

    Even the plumber was impressed with it that he asked for information on where we got it. Definitely a product that is worth every penny, and the best of it–So affordable!

  2. Ariel Terry

    So I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this review a woman left on a women’s empowerment movement group. She wrote about this product step by step and very detailed about how much it helped her. I was definitely convinced to order it. And, so I did.

    I waited a good month to write my review on it. The showerhead is easy to install. It works perfectly and does wonders to my thick hair.

    I was worried it wouldn’t be enough to wash with, but it worked surprisingly well. It has 3 settings, wide spray on the outside, stronger focused spray in the middle, and both sprays simultaneously (my favorite one).

    As for this product, it’s a YES from me!

  3. Demi-Lee Boyer

    Starting this review by saying that this saved my hair. At first, I bought it on a whim, everybody was talking about it, so it was a more impulsive purchase.

    But, I do not regret it one bit. Not only, it helped my hair grow, but it even softened my skin.

    Aside from my body, it even increased water pressure. This may not sound very important to everyone, but to me, it was. The sewer system is literally 200 years old. So having good water pressure in my household is like a miracle. My previous head showers worked just fine and did not increase the pressure at all. I would totally recommend this to anyone who has similar problems as I did. It is your hero!

  4. Opal Williams

    Ion Shower Spa was easy to install (I did it myself). I didn’t have to spend money on useless plumbers. I love it!

  5. Teressa Smith

    I definitely recommend buying Ion Shower Spa. My hair is so much healthier and smoother.

  6. Christopher Massey

    I got this as a birthday gift from my mom and I absolutely love it. I highly recommend purchasing it!!

  7. Dana Kincade

    My hair always felt so bad after showering and I just couldn’t figure out why. Turns out it was because of the toxins in my old showerhead. With Ion Shower Spa my hair feels and looks way better.

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