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The Invisi Charger is a wireless charger that operates under the surface. Because of its groundbreaking technology, the product is top-rated. Invisi Charger is a cordless and lightweight magnetic disk. It can charge your device through the heaviest and thickest of materials. Whether your desk is made of wood, glass, or any other non-metallic material.

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Introducing Invisi Charger

Invisi Charger is a wireless pad or stand that excellently charges any device within its wide bandwidth. The product is trapped under a table or other frame constructed from wood, glass, marble, plastic, or quartz. Therefore, the position itself becomes a charging place.

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Invisi Charger will never overheat due to the cooling system, no matter how long you use this wireless charger. It is also guaranteed to be secure, so there is nothing to worry about when using Invisi Charger.

Invisi Charger can charge your device through even the heaviest and thickest of materials.

Whether your desk is made of wood, glass, or any other non-metallic material, easily place Invisi Charger with the underside of your desk. You’ll be able to charge your devices with no hideous cables or charging pads that clutter your desk.

It works up to 32 millimeters (11ā„4) “thick through any non-metallic surface. It works with any device that uses the Qi wireless charging standard, including phones and tablets from Apple iPhones, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. It is one of the most efficient chargers you can buy.

The quickest wireless charger ever

Invisi Charger lets you charge your smartphone and other Qi-enabled devices without the complicated cables and charging pads slowing down. Long-range electricity circles allow you to charge your phone or tablet right through the desk surface.

The base of the invisible charging keeps the workroom tidy and free of clutter. Advanced Qi-power charges up to 5x faster to your devices than other wireless chargers. The Invisi Charger it is wireless and operates under the surfaces. The product is widespread in the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and other countries because of its groundbreaking results.

invisi charger features

The Invisi Charger will revolutionize phone charging. It’s the most robust and effective charger you can buy for your phone today. If your smart device supports wireless charging, place your phone or laptop in a portrait or landscape mode.

Invisi Charger has a light indicator that turns on for eight seconds and diminishes afterward. Turning off the light means the magnetic disk enters standby mode and remains there until the next charging session.

Invisi Charger features

  • Long-range induction coils allow you to power up with no cord or charge pad.
  • An invisible charging base keeps your workspace clean and free from excess.
  • Advanced Qi-power charges the machines up to 5 times faster than other wireless chargers.
  • Charge anywhere can be attached to any non-metallic furniture, including desks, tables, dressers, and countertops, up to 32 mm thick.
  • Full compatibility, Invisi Charger works with over 150 smartphones and hundreds of otherĀ Qi-enabled devices.
  • Easy to install, Invisi Charger has a reusable adhesive mount that sticks in seconds to any surface without damaging your furniture.

Invisi Charger specifications

  • Fast charger and compatible for charging any smartphone.
  • The device has an integrated cooling system that is certified for prolonged use to be safe. You never have to worry about overheating.
  • If you want to decorate your laptop or phone with stylish cases, you don’t have to remove them anymore when charging.

Invisi Charger Benefits

  • The main advantage is obvious, as it is entirely free of clutter.
  • Invisi Charger is just a magnetic disk, with no wires projected from it. So, your room would no longer look cramped with lots of black cords covering it.
  • Additionally, you won’t be limited to a single charging level.
  • It increases the distance by 27 mm, unlike any other typical wireless adapter that projects a maximum signal length of 5 mm.
  • The product is lightweight, compact, hands-free, and elegant.

Frequently asked questions

Can I take it with me when I travel?

Yes, It is lightweight and portable, so you can take it anywhere you go.

Does it work on my Android?

It works with every Qi-enabled smartphone and other devices. So, you need to check if your device is Qi-enabled.

Do I need to remove my phone case before charging?

Our product is designed and developed to charge your smartphone or laptop through the phone case and laptop case.


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Customer Reviews

Invisi Charger – Wireless Charger Reviews

  1. Geraint Diaz

    I purchased this after my 3 year old Anker wireless charger, and honestly, now that I think of how did I live with that thing.

    It never fully charged my phone even when I left it to charge overnight. But, with Invisi Charger, it is a different story.

    Generally, it works great. It has a soft touch feel on top that doesn’t let my phone slide around if I bump my table or nightstand. Would recommend!

  2. Marvin Caldwell

    Great product, it does what it’s supposed to do. If you are looking for a fast way to charge your phone, then this is it.

    I know that for most of us, having a fully charged and ready phone is crucial. You never know the occasion that you would need to use your phone.

    The product is designed well, feels premium, and high quality. Thankfully, it is not bulky. I ended up purchasing one more so I would have a backup charge in case any other one would get stolen or lost.

    It works great with my phone, very compatible! I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants a quick and good charge.

  3. Kathy Burch

    Absolutely perfect! Easy to use and can deliver fast results. I just place my phone whenever I need to and get it fully charged.

    I tried different brands but not one of them came even close to Invisi Charger.

  4. Stephen Rose

    I got this product as a gift for my nephew and he loves it. He could never find a wireless charger that was compatible with his Android smartphone.

  5. Leonard Perry

    What I love the most about Invisi Charger is that it can be attached to any furniture.

  6. Rick Palmer

    I always struggled with chargers. I wasted so much money buying different chargers every two weeks. Ever since I got Invisi Charger I saved so much money. This product lasts forever!

  7. Matthew Leonard

    This product is amazing. It charges my smartphone really fast and it’s clutter free. I can take it anywhere I want. I highly recommend it!!

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