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In Heat is the revolutionary device that you need. It’s a mug warmer that serves to keep your drinks warm at all times. It simultaneously serves as a phone charger so you can keep your phone fully charged at all times. It makes sure that you will never be left with 0% battery and a cold drink ever again.

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Introducing In Heat

Your mornings are about to become ten times better with this new product that everyone is talking about. Improve your morning routine with In Heat mug warmer that keeps your coffee warm at all times. You will finally be able to enjoy your coffee or tea until the very last drop.

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Everyone hates when their warm drink gets cold, and they can’t drink it anymore. With In Heat, that problem will be prevented in no time. Not only does it keep your drink warm, but it can charge your smartphone as well. In Heat is the perfect device for a multitasker.

In Heat, makes sure your phone battery will be at 100% before leaving the house. Its 2-in-1 functionality to keep your drinks warm and wirelessly charge your smartphone makes it necessary to have on your desk at home or office. In Heat is a must-have.

In Heat also makes the perfect gift to get for your boss, friends, and family. It reassures you that your personal morning routine needs are fulfilled. Having hot coffee all through your morning routine is definitely a life-saver.

In Heat Is A Must-Have Gadget

In Heat comes with benefits that can make your day to day life much more comfortable. You can finally complete those to-do-list tasks and have a warm coffee all the time. No more fast gulping your coffee to drink it while it’s warm. You can now drink warm coffee or tea anytime you want.

In Heat usage

It ensures that your beverage stays the perfect temperature all the way to the last drop for full enjoyment. It comes in a perfect package with a cup warmer and a wireless phone charger. The ideal device made with top-notch level technology will make your life ten times easier.

Thanks to its modern design, you will be able to take it everywhere with you. The heating base that comes with In Heat will turn on only when the mug is on it. This way, you won’t accidentally touch it and burn your hand. It is completely safe!

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In Heat is extremely easy to use as well. All you have to do is attach the power cord to the In Heat base. Then, proceed to connect the other end to the adapter or a USB port. Finally, place the In Heat mug onto the center of the heating base for warming. You can also place your phone and wirelessly charge it. It works perfectly with any Qi-enabled device.

In Heat advantages

Drink warmer – It keeps your coffee or tea warm at all times. You can work as much as you want and you don’t have to worry about your drink getting cold. Thanks to its advanced functionality, it reassures you to have a warm drink all the time.

Phone charger – It charges your smartphone all the way to a 100% full battery. Your morning routine will be much easier knowing that there is a device making sure your smartphone has a full battery when you’re ready to leave. It uses Qi charging technology to keep your phone fully charged, so it’s always ready for when you need it the most.

Frequently asked questions

Does it work with my Android smartphone?

It works with every Qi-enabled smartphone, android, or iOS.

Is it durable enough?

Yes, it is very durable against falls. Also, it is waterproof, antiseptic, and wear-resisting.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instructions manual will be included in the package.


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Customer Reviews

In Heat – Mug Warmer & Phone Charger Reviews

  1. Leanna Amberly

    To whomever made this, thank you thank you! Combining two of my favorite things ever is genius.

    Even to this day my friends and relatives still send me a link to this product and they always follow-up with a “oh my god this is exactly what you need”. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more, and that’s why I got it lol.

  2. Lotus Richard

    IN HEAT IS MY FAVORITE! I always bring it with me everywhere I go. It is so lightweight, compact, and portable. I’m literally able to store it anywhere I can. I mean, having it with me just makes me feel ease.

    I just wish I found out about it sooner….

  3. Brendon Marjory

    I love getting up early in the morning, but I refuse to call it a morning unless I’ve had my coffee.

    When I wake up, I like to sit down and write my to-do list for the day whilst drinking my coffee. I usually have a long morning routine, because in the morning I like to do my accounting job for specific companies that require daily check-ups.

    Usually, I always would end up with a cold coffee, and cold coffee just doesn’t do it for me, yuck yuck!

    As I said, without coffee I can’t function at all! So my lovely wife, surprised me for my birthday with this product. She said it is exactly what I needed, and she never was more right than at that moment (I hope she doesn’t see this lol)

    In Heat made my morning routine better than ever! I now finish all my work stuff and other personal things whilst having a warm coffee at all times.

  4. Monique Vargas

    I absolutely love In Heat. I can work a fulltime schedule and my coffee would still be warm. I love it!

  5. Jewel Peters

    I definitely recommend this gadget to everyone. For this price, it’s a steal!

  6. Timothy Scarbrough

    In Heat made my morning routine so much easier. I love the fact that it charges my phone to 100% every time.

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