iBooster – WiFi Booster & WiFi Range Extender

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  • Enhance WiFi Range & Coverage
  • Accelerate Wireless Speed
  • Wireless Speed Up To 300Mbps
  • Faster Downloads & Uploads
  • Eliminate Dead Wifi Spots
  • Compatible With All Internet Providers

Get Faster Internet With iBooster

Are you tired of having slow WiFi every day, even though you pay a lot of money to your provider? iBooster eliminates all WiFi struggles and annoyances.

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The reason why your WiFi speed is slow is because of your internet service provider. They are purposely slowing down your WiFi to make you pay extra for what you should’ve gotten in the first place. iBooster gives you faster internet speed and saves you money. You can have fast WiFi that will never slow down.

iBooster will boost your WiFi at every corner of your indoor environment. It makes your WiFi reachable to every room of your house by extending its range and enhancing the speed.

Experience Faster Internet Wireless Speed

Offering an internet speed upgrade of up to 300Mbps, this gadget will create long-range wireless coverage, making it reachable to every family member. Whether you’re sending a work email or watching a movie on streaming services with your family. iBooster will make everything better and faster.

iBooster device is developed with the latest wireless technology. It will also stop your internet activity from being sent to your internet provider. This way you will have total privacy and they won’t be able to limit your bandwidth speed to make you pay extra for it.

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Simple & Easy To Use – There’s no need to worry about complicated instructions and difficult setups of the iBooster. It’s effortless to install in your home. The entire process takes only a few minutes.

Powerful  – This will increase not only your Wi-Fi signal but also the strength. Your Wi-Fi will cover every corner of your home or office with iBooster. You will always be connected with full bars without having to bend weird angles to reach your Wi-Fi signal. 

Portable – You can take iBooster with you even when you need to leave home. It is portable and compact, and you can connect it to any Wi-Fi device to boost its signal with no hassle or trouble. With easy instructions and syncing, iBooster is the perfect Wi-Fi amplifier.

Secure – It is the perfect, most secure wifi booster in the market right now. It is paired with the latest WPA2 encryption technology, which provides the most secure solution. It integrates with your environment perfectly and offers you the best Wi-Fi performance.

Affordable – Costs so much less than any device you’re paying for right now. Save in long-term with iBooster, and don’t let internet providers rip you off anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need WiFi iBooster?

You will have fantastic WiFi speed and range. You will never have to deal with WiFi problems again.

Can it cover my whole house?

WiFi iBooster enhances the coverage of WiFi. Therefore, it will cover every dead spot in your house.

Is it easy to use?

You only have to plug it in any wall socket and let it do its magic.

Is it compatible with my router at home?

Of course. WiFi iBooster is compatible with every router.

Customer Reviews

3 reviews for iBooster – WiFi Booster & WiFi Range Extender

  1. Joyce Wagstaff

    I tried different extenders first, but not one of them can compare to this. The download speed is really great. It works well even in spots that never had internet.

    The design is very modern, compact, and light weight. For its price, it’s more than worth it. The connection is the best that has ever been.

    It works so well that I had to remove my 5-year-old wifi extender immediately. Also, reading all the positive reviews really helped me in making my decision.

  2. Christian Cairns

    This wifi extender is awesome! This is the second one I have purchased because I need to have one with myself at all times, or else I could never get work done.

    I can now sit outside in my backyard and watch my favorite movies without any interruption…finally!

    The installation was easy, even for someone who has no clue about technology like me.

  3. Elsa Hunt

    Easy to use. Installation only took like 5 seconds. The packaging was really nice, and everything came included. Plus, the shipping was amazing, to say the least. It arrived in exactly two days, just like it said it would.

    Functionality is good as well. My two-bedroom apartment now has much better internet because previously, the internet would never work.

    The moment I got iBooster, I plugged it into the outlet in my room. It connected super easily, in just a few seconds. The package directions were clear enough to understand with just a glance.

    Next, we put it to test for distance, and it works as promised. Covers my whole apartment perfectly, even reaches those dead spots. To be honest, I never found such a functional product before. Recommended!

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