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Hair Revit is an advanced laser hair comb. It comes with many hair benefits: improving hair density, forehead regeneration in full flow, enhancing the hair volume, and many more. It will provide you with stronger roots, stronger hair follicles that will naturally make your hair more voluminous. It’s so lightweight, compact, and portable that you can take it anywhere with you.


Introducing Hair Revit

Hair loss is one of the most common condition that happens to all of us. They don’t happen overnight, but it is expected. Say goodbye to countless hair masks or hair products that don’t work at all. The new solution, called Hair Revit, is finally here. For a safe and effective method, the red light scalp therapy is just what you need. Hair Revit will recover your hair loss rapidly fast.

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Hair Revit is a laser hair comb that will restore your hair just after a few uses. Not only it makes fast improvements, but it also does it in a few and easy steps.

After turning on the red light comb, you have to select among different modes and the strength of red lights. The modes differentiate between low, medium, and high.

With Hair Revit, you will have a rapid hair recovery. After four weeks of usage, you will start to notice a difference in oil on the scalp. There will also be obvious results with hair look and feeling fluffier or more abundant. Between four to eight weeks, the hair will start to feel stronger and healthier than before.

At the eight to sixteen week mark, the hair density will be automatically increased. You will be looking good as ever with forehead and hair regeneration. It doesn’t stop there. The results will continue to improve up to thirty-two weeks of use. The hair and volume will have increased to a noticeable amount.

Hair Revit Is The Easiest Method

You will immediately start to notice results based on the thickness and increase of hair. Hair Revit is one of the most reliable hair regeneration products. It uses innovative technology, unlike any other hair laser comb products.

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Hair Revit uses the latest EMS technology. The EMS helps stimulate scalp muscles. This results in improving blood circulation that is the exact amount needed for hair revitalization.

You can choose between various EMS settings. You will feel even better with the hair regrowth that Hair Revit provides. The hair massage in this method will stimulate the acupoints on the head. Providing you with voluminous hair that will make you look more presentable and fresh.

Hair Revit comes with multiple benefits. You will have different results, starting from stronger roots, which means stronger hair, to the regeneration of hair follicles.

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Hair Revit Features

  • Comfortable – The product comes with an ergonomic design that perfectly fits into the palm and ensures comfortable usage.
  • Beneficial – It comes with many hair benefits, starting from hair regrowth, regenerating hair follicles, enhances the roots, and many more.
  • Portable – The device is lightweight, compact, and portable. You can take it anywhere with you. Due to its size, you can store it anywhere you want.
  • Fast results – You will have rapidly fast results. You will notice results starting from week four of usage. From week four to eight, your hair will begin to feel stronger than before. At the eight to sixteen week mark, the hair density will remarkably increase.
  • Easy to use – It comes with easy instructions. All you have to do is comb your hair slowly, just as you do with a regular comb. 

Frequently asked questions

Is it dangerous for kids?

It is not recommended for kids. They can use only with an older individual by their side.

How long until the results kick in?

You will start to notice results starting from week four of constant use.

Is it portable?

Yes. It’s lightweight, compact, and portable. You can take it anywhere with you.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instructions will be included in the package.

Customer Reviews

6 reviews for Hair Revit – Laser Hair Growth Comb

  1. Mariah Reid

    I like the easy instructions, even a kid could use it. But, I don’t think that’s recommended. However, this is my favorite hair product ever!! The reviews here say it all, I got nothing to add, just this, if you don’t know if you should get Hair Revit, you should, trust me it will change your life.

  2. Michele

    I WANT TO ORDER ONE!!! WHY IS IT OUT OF STOCK??????????????????????

  3. Kory Vickers

    It’s hard working 12 hours a day. But, as the man of the house I got no other option. Besides, I love being able to provide for my family.

    I was so caught up with work, that I hadn’t notice that you could see my scalp from miles away. Until my lovely wife told me, in the kindest way possible, of course. She said that she wants to be able to help me too, since I work so much all the time. She got me this brush, and at first I was skeptical. I mean, how would a brush help grow my hair?

    I started using it, but not gonna lie, I had no hope at all. Until, one day I woke up and noticed that there are some new hair coming out of my head. I was….speechless, but didn’t tell anyone. Days went by, and my wife finally said it “I know you don’t want me to point out but haven’t you notice how your head is full of hair and healthier than ever?”

    Even my friend who is a barber told me that Hair Revit has always delivered with its multiple benefits such as hair regrowth, regenerating hair follicles, and enhancing the roots. Now, I recommend it to almost everyone I see. GET IT NOW!!!!!! YOU WILL THANK ME LATER!!

  4. Chelsea Mendoza

    My mom was 34 when her hair started falling out. She would wake up in the morning and find chunks of her hair, it made her feel awful and messed up her mental health. They were really dark days for us back then.

    Me and my sisters searched everywhere to find a solution!! We came across Hair Revit whilst browsing the internet. We saw a lot of positive reviews and decided to order it.

    Mom started using it, and she literally got in tears after a week. She ran in the morning into our room and thanked us both. We couldn’t believe our eyes, her head was FULL OF HAIR!!

  5. Louise Kaufman

    I thought I would never tell my hair secret but now I have to. Hair Revit made my hair so much vomluminous, healthier, and shiny. I never leave my house without it. It is the most portable thing ever, I just put it in my purse. My girlfriends keep asking to borrow it everyday loool

  6. Nina Barrow

    I LOVE HAIR REVIT!! My hair was falling out and I completely freaked out. I’m still amazed to this day at how rapidly I got results. My scalp was full of hair in no time!!

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