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Easy WaxOff is a revolutionary ear cleaning kit. It is safe and easy to use for any person, young or old. It’s lightweight, compact, and portable. It comes with 15 reusable tips that can be used by the whole family


Introducing Easy WaxOff

Keeping your ears clean while using safe and comfortable measures to do it. But, using Q-tips to clean them isn’t the best solution. They usually push back the wax onto your ears and barely clean your ears. This is why Easy WaxOff is your best alternative to having clean and healthy ears.

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Easy WaxOff is a revolutionary ear cleaning kit. It is safe and easy to use for any person, young or old. Everyone can benefit from Easy WaxOff. It does the job properly with ultimate precision and functionality.

Easy WaxOff comes with multiple reusable spiral tips. They are reusable and can be used for numerous uses. All you need to do is wash them properly with soap and water. Easy WaxOff will collect wax, dirt, and any other impurities from your ears without causing you any discomfort.

Easy WaxOff is suitable to use for any kind of ears. It will allow you to use it without feeling any pain. Use it to clean your children’s ears with no discomfort as you do with the uncomfortable Q-tips.

It uses a uniquely designed spiral tip that ensures full functionality with every use. The spiral’s practical design makes sure that it will get every inch of dirt on your ears with no difficulty. But it also helps you not to push the tip too deep, not to hurt your ear.

Easy WaxOff Is Your Safest Solution To Keeping Clean Ears

The Easy WaxOff is your safest solution to keeping clean ears at all times. Avoid ear infections with this simple device. The reusable and removable spiral tips ensure all the wax will not be pushed in the ear canal more, but it will completely eliminate it.

Easy WaxOff is easy to use. All you need to do is place one of the fifteen silicon spirals into your ears and turn the product on. Then, it will do the job for you and eliminate all impurities from your ears.

What’s better for Easy WaxOff is that it’s so functional that it will easily benefit the whole family. You won’t need to take those doctor trips whenever your ears hurt. It will simultaneously save you money and time with each use.

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It is the key to being happy and healthy without needing to spend so much money and time. The silicon tips make the whole experience even more comfortable and happy for anyone that uses it, whether it is a child or adult.

The Easy WaxOff comes with its case and the fifteen silicone spiral tips. This means you will also be able to take the product anywhere you need to. Always be healthy with Easy WaxOff right at your side.


Comfortable – Unlike Q-tips, these unique silicone nibs won’t cause your children any discomfort or make them cry in pain.

Safe – You will always feel safe with the Easy WaxOff silicone nibs. They’re perfectly designed not to cause you any pain and accidentally push back too far into the ear.

Effortless – There aren’t any complicated instructions needed to figure out how to use the Easy WaxOff. All you need to do is apply the silicon tip and carefully push it into your ear.

Portable – You can take it anywhere you need to with you.

Affordable – Stop spending so much money on Q-tips that only cause you pain. It is affordable and safe for long-time use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it’s straightforward and easy to use.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instructions are included in the package.

Is it safe to use on kids?

Yes, the product is safe to use on both children and adults?

Does it come with reusable tips?

Yes, fifteen disposable silicon tips are included with the package.


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Customer Reviews

Easy WaxOff – Ear Wax Removal Tool & Ear Wax Cleaner Reviews

  1. Bryce Colley

    I bought this for my 60-year-old mother, who always struggles with earwax removal tools. She would always hurt her ears with those plastic ones. I felt so bad and had to find a solution.

    It turns out the solution was the thing I was constantly hearing about from my co-workers. Easy WaxOff is now all my mother talks about. She says that she never had something so comfortable and soft to use for cleaning her ears.

    She convinced me to get it as well. And now I completely understand her. This tool is something to be grateful for, lol.

    My ears have never been so clean, and the tips are WASHABLE. I can use them as many times as I want. I have only one word to say now: RECOMMENDED!

  2. Daria Carpenter

    Initially, I got this for me, but now my whole family has one. The tips are soft, and they don’t hurt at all when cleaning the ear canals. It only takes a few seconds to use, and in those quick seconds, it removes a lot of earwax.

    Honestly, how did I live without this product?

  3. Findlay Ruiz

    Gets rid of earwax, and the product is convenient to store. I never go anywhere without it. So convenient to use, and the fact that it comes with 16 different heads makes it ten times better! I definitely would recommend this to anyone I know and to everyone reading this.

  4. Portia Valenzuela

    After using other products similar to this for a while, I never had good results. Instead, I would just hurt my ears, trying to remove the earwax.

    This is a different story, to this day, I’m still amazed by it. It feels so good to use, very soothing and comfortable.

    This product completely cleans my ears. It works well, and it is easy to use!

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