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Door Defense comes with a modernized design. It is compact, small, and lightweight. Your privacy and security you need will be provided in seconds. You can travel comfortably, knowing that in every hotel, Airbnb, dorm, or hostel, you have an extra line of defense. Door Defense is your ideal travel buddy.

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Introducing Door Defense

Door Defense is the new revolutionary safety lock that is keeping people safe. The perfect gadget to keep you and your family safe anywhere and anytime, it’s here. Door Defense is the most advantageous safety device that everyone is so hyped about.

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It works with every door, so you won’t have to change, alter, or renovate your current doors. Start traveling everywhere you want and be completely safe. You can travel comfortably, knowing that Airbnb, dorm, or hostel in every hotel, you have an extra defense line in your pocket.

Door Defense comes with a modern design. It is compact, small, and lightweight, making it your ideal travel buddy. Your privacy and security will be provided in seconds.

Your safety is a top priority. Have an extra line of defense with Door Defense. Never again worry about anyone opening your door without your permission or feeling pressured to let someone in. Using this device will keep you and your family secure, but it will also help increase your home’s overall security.

The Door Defense is a protective tool that will help your door stand strong and secure. Besides your alarm systems and your CCTV cameras, getting the Door Defense is an excellent added protection. It comes with straightforward installation instructions. You can set it up in seconds at any door, no matter where you are.

Door Defense features

  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Affordable.
  • No installation costs.
  • No maintenance requires.
  • It can easily be adjusted to any door.
  • Extra defense system.

Door Defense benefits

Protects you and your loved ones – The number of incidents involving home intruders have been increased. It will make breaking and opening the door difficult to keep you and your family protected.

Increases security – It will help increase the overall protection of your home. The Door Defense is a protective tool that will help your door stand strong and secure. It is lightweight, portable, and compact. You can carry it everywhere you go, whether it’s a hotel or your holiday home.

Door Defense is your ideal safety lock

The device will protect you and give an extra line of defense. It is effortless to use with an amazingly strong temporary door lock. All you have to do is insert it on the door latch when you are in any room. It reinforces your door and makes it strong as a barrier, stopping anyone from getting in.

door defense products

This life-saving device is made of high-quality tensile steel. The precision latch mechanism is also made from a super-strong steel alloy of aircraft quality. It seals the entrance to any unwelcome person.

It will reinforce your door against intruders, keeping you safe from anyone kicking the door trying to get in. Get Door Defense to keep yourself and your family safe at all hours.

No additional equipment or renovations required. Add extra privacy and protection in the room you’re staying in—no need to remember variations or key-fumble.

Frequently asked questions

Does it work with any door?

Yes, it works with any door. There is no need to change doors or renovate.

Why do I need it?

To keep yourself and your loved ones safe from intruders wherever you are, in a hotel, Airbnb, dorm, or hostel.

Does it require maintenance?

No. there is no maintenance required.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instruction manual will be included in the package.


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Customer Reviews

Door Defense – Safety Lock Reviews

  1. Jayson Muir

    After seeing an ad for this product, it took me a while to find a legit store page that would sell it. But, I finally did!
    I’m really satisfied with the product and thank you B&D Official Store for providing me with it. The shipping was just really fast too!

  2. Safia Carey

    My life was ruined four months ago. I am a domestic abuse victim, and never felt safe anywhere. But, with this device it is a whole different story.

    I have used it for more than a month. There are so many mimics of Door Defense but they would all break in the first use. This is a better product and with a better price!

    Different situations that Door Defense can help you:

    1. HOTEL INTRUDERS. If you are traveling to a different country and are staying in a hotel, then this is the perfect shield for you. It is perfect for putting in your room door so no one can disturb you while you are sleeping. After all, it is common knowledge that maids never read those “do no disturb” signs.

    2. KEEP YOUR EX AWAY. If you have a toxic ex that doesn’t leave you alone after breaking up, then Door Defense will be your way to finally keep him (or her) away for good.

    3. STAY SAFE FROM BREAK-INS. It can withstand a great deal of pressure, even when someone tries to break down the door.

  3. Rae Herman

    I put this item to the test the minute I got it! I was convinced due to the amount of force and power it withstood during my test.

    The strong grade of metal definitely deserves a five stars. I have never been fond of traveling but now with Door Defense a trip round Europe is on the bucket list!

  4. Daniel Robinson

    I need to buy one more for my sister in law, why is it always out of stock?

  5. Julia Nicodemus

    I recently moved out in my apartment on my own and I must say I always felt uneasy at night. I had to sleep with my lights on and often would skip going to the bathroom. But ever since I bought this product it gave me a peace of mind and I can finally sleep with all the lights turned off.

  6. Sandra Wei

    Door Defense is definitely an essential item for traveling.

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