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The Dartle Type is a laser tool operated by batteries that will replace both your keyboard and mouse. It is connected wirelessly via Bluetooth and supports all the major operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. You won’t have to worry about dust on your keyboard or cleaning your mouse anymore.

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Introducing Dartle Type

Fascinate your friends by simply moving your fingers to any flat surface to type quickly and properly, control images, or even draw. The Dartle Type is a convenient device enabling you to abandon your portable keyboard or heavy notebook computer.

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With Dartle Type, you can type in directly to your phone or iPad. The Dartle Type uses the new Bluetooth protocols to quickly and conveniently connect to any mobile device or computer. Therefore, it replaces any keyboard.

The Dartle Type takes two hours to charge entirely. Under regular usage, it lasts for two days, so it is a 100 percent reliable accessory. It also charges quickly and easily from any portable power supply or socket wall. Dartle Type keyboard is small and lightweight, so you can carry this everywhere you go.

It is convenient if you always go out to a coffee shop to work on your laptop. You don’t have to bring your keyboard and mouse with you anymore, because Dartle Type also comes with a mouse. Your bag will be lighter without carrying in many things.

The Dartle Type is a laser tool operated by batteries, which will undoubtedly replace your current keyboard and mouse. What you need to do is let the system clean itself, and it’s good to go. With its fully portable functionality, you’ll certainly be able to operate remotely anytime and anywhere.

The perfect device for remote work

Dartle Type is both a computer mouse and a laser keyboard. Rather than using a physical keyboard, it is projected onto a table or other smooth surface. If you’re at the kitchen table or in a caf√©, this product helps you start working without carrying a keyboard or mouse. The device is wirelessly connected via Bluetooth.

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The device fits into any pocket thanks to its convenient dimensions and does not take up much room. Using a laser does not trigger a safety risk to the hands or eyes. Using Dartle Type can make everything simpler because it’s more compact for you. You can function on your phone without typing in, using your laser keyboard and mouse to type through your phone’s entire screen.

Using this keyboard, when you have other stuff in your pocket, you no longer have to consider taking your heavy bag along. Another good thing about Dartle Type is that it has an ergonomic design. The keyboard can automatically be seen on the table with only a quick push of a button. You are guaranteed to be able to grab everyone’s attention¬†around¬†you. The Dartle Keyboard also supports Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

Dartle Type benefits

  • Compatible with everything: Android and iOS, Windows and Mac
  • High-quality laser resolution
  • One-button power
  • Certified Bluetooth compatibility to the new standards
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Fast delivery
  • Built-in speaker for keying haptic feedback
  • The battery lasts two full days.

Dartle Type technical facts

  • Laser projection
  • Bluetooth Link
  • iOS, Mac, and Windows compatible.
  • The battery can charge within 120 minutes
  • Charging with a USB cable

Frequently asked questions

Can I use it anywhere I want?

Yes, you can type anywhere on any surface with Dartle. It is much smaller and more convenient than any other keyboard. It also helps you to type in the dark without interrupting when nighttime work is needed.

Is it portable?

Yes, Dartle Type is portable and very lightweight. You can take it anywhere with you.

Does it work with my Mac laptop?

Dartle Type is compatible with Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows.

Where can I order one?

You can check B&D Official Store for our offers.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instructions manual will be included in the package.


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Customer Reviews

Dartle Type – Laser Mouse & Keyboard Reviews

  1. Joshua Pena

    I bought this for my husband, who travels a lot. He has a lot to package and rarely any place for an extra keyboard or mouse. I found out about this briefly, and I’m so happy I did.

    He says that he can get it anywhere he goes and has saved his work on numerous occasions. This product is great. I’m getting one for myself as well!

  2. Carter Kennedy

    This is the only device that works. I swear I bought so many different ones, and not one worked for more than two days, crazy!

    Dartle Type is another story! It works perfectly and never once did cause me any frustration. I love that it is compatible with my Android. Great product for a great price!

  3. Eric Rutledge

    The device works exactly as advertised! It projects a keyboard and a mouse that can be used anywhere.

    I love that I can no longer walk around with a heavy bag. All I need now is my laptop and Dartle Type.

    What I love the most is that the functionality is excellent! Even at work, I get so many questions about it. They all ordered one, lol.

  4. Dianne Dunton

    I’m obsessed with Dartle Type! It’s my favorite thing right now. I can bring it everywhere with me thanks to its portable design.

  5. Theresa Mebane

    I like it…

  6. Alfred Boykins

    This product is the best thing that I’ve ever discovered.

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