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The Clipper Pro is an upgraded nail cutter. It’s precise and clean, easily washable without any risk of rust. It’s designed to fit effectively into your palm to command more control and comfort. It is made of 420 steel blades of surgical grade.

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Introducing Clipper Pro

These days keeping your fingernails clean is very important. Many people utilize expert assistance for this task. Particularly, women get their nails regularly done. However, an increasing number of men are restless to create a decent and well-prepared image when it comes to their fingernails. Stop struggling with the low-quality dangerous scissors and nail clippers sold in discount stores.

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They are poorly produced at a low-ball price, that can easily bend and break. The best solution is here, and it’s called Clipper Pro.

This device is an upgraded nail cutter that comes with features that guarantee the best cuts without seeking a skilled manicure artist’s services.

The Clipper Pro has been proven to help the elderly reduce pain when removing their nails. It’s precise and clean, easily washable without any risk of rust. It transforms the feeling of cutting the nail.

Nails have a natural curve that can quickly lose form if inappropriately cut. The Clipper Pro comes with a handle to ensure that this curve is maintained and tailored to take your nails’ exact angle.

Clipper Pro features

  • Ergonomic handle –¬†Clipper Pro is designed to fit effectively into your hand’s palm to command more control and comfort. This feature also allows you to place the blade in the anticipated position before clipping due to its unique rotating edge.
  • Surgical steel blades –¬†You don’t have to move your finger to match the blade’s position. Clipper Pro is flexible enough to cover any angle, so it’s not the other way around looking for your nail. It improves precision and stability.
  • Surgical steel blades –¬†The Clipper Pro is made of 420 steel blades of surgical grade. It ensures clean, hygienic cuts. The steel blades are super sharp, so the force applied is minimized.
  • Portability –¬†Clipper Pro’s lightweight makes it ideal for travel, plus it doesn’t consume too much of your space. As it is non-slippery, the plastic handle makes it easier to use too.
  • Blade locking technology –¬†Clipper Pro’s blades lock when pressure is applied, unlike other brands whose blades overlap. That helps to ensure safety and precise cutting.
  • Orthopedic approved –¬†This device has been designed and approved by medical experts. They know how difficult it is to use ordinary nail clippers. That makes it easier to use and even for patients with arthritis.

The easiest way to cut your nails

Clipper Pro provides an advantageous way to cut your nails due to its large, comfortable handles. Thanks to the cutting edge that can be rotated to any angle, a clean-cut is easy to obtain even if your wrists lack flexibility.

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You get the neatest, cleanest-looking cuts on your fingernails without any pain, uncomfortable stretching, or contorting yourself into strange positions. The nail clipper called Clipper Pro offers much better control, positioning, and ease of nail cutting.

The bigger handle and swivel blades make them easy to use even for people with back pains, injuries, or arthritis. The Clipper Pro is a nail clipper made from materials of high quality. This product makes it easier and quicker for people to securely and effectively clip on their nails.

It comes with a large, custom-made handle that fits into your hand’s palm, giving you enough control to ensure the clipper doesn’t slip away.¬†Since its blades are incredibly sharp, Clipper Pro provides the best leverage for cutting, especially thick nails.

Clipper Pro benefits

  • No odd, uncomfortable positions or movements. The swiveling blade allows you to¬†clip¬†your nails at any angle.
  • It only needs a super-light touch to cut even the most rigid nail instantly.
  • It is scientifically-designed to be a high-quality, hospital-grade, scientific instrument.¬†
  • It’s made of stainless surgical steel.
  • Unique double-action mechanism. Very little force is required.
  • It is designed to be as precise as operating room instruments.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe for older adults?

Yes, it is specially made for people that have a hard time cutting the nails.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, if you’re not satisfied with the product, you can get a 30-day money-back guaranteed refund.


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Customer Reviews

Clipper Pro – Professional Nail Clipper Reviews

  1. Charlize Aguirre

    As an older women I have found it difficult to find a toenail clipper for thick toenails. I always had a problem maintaining a comfortable position when clipping nails, my back pain would get worse. But, with these, there is no need to.

    This tool provides the easiest, reliant, and effective process. I highly recommend this toenail clipper for older folks, or even for someone who may have mobility issues.

  2. Bonnie Simmons

    Love the design of these nail cutters! I have been on the look out for the most comfortable nail cutter for my old man.

    He needs the best ones that he could get. My father has always suffered from a finger condition that requires him too be extremely careful around the fingernails area.

    The first thing I noticed about this product is that the swivel cutter head was locked into the place securely. Even, when applying pressure to make the cut, the swivel head becomes very hinged. The product is definitely an upgrade from generic straight cutters. They are definitely worth the extra expense.

  3. Sonya Clegg

    A neat design that works great on fingernails. It is also the best on toenails. The opening of the jaws is the exact size for my nails. The clipper gives me perfect control, it is very smooth and easy to maneuver. Great engineering!

  4. Heather Boykin

    You can tell this is a high-end product. It feels so good in the hand. It’s very sturdy and elegant. If you can afford it, it’s the best nail clipper you can buy on the market.

  5. Jaime Chisholm

    This product makes clipping nails so easy. I have a young toddler and he finally doesn’t cry when I’m clipping his nails.

  6. Deanna Schmitz

    Clipper Pro is such an efficient product. I can finally clip my nails without damaging them. LOVE IT!

  7. Tammy Navarro

    I got this nail clipper for my grandmother and she loves it. Due to her age she started to struggle cutting her nails but now she says that clipping nails is easier than ever.

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