Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 – Portable Air Conditioner

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Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 is the new advanced portable air conditioning unit. It’s so lightweight and compact that you can take it anywhere your heart desires. With a long-lasting 2000mAh battery, this product will last you days without needing a recharge.

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Introducing Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832

Say goodbye to dreadfully hot summer days. Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 will make those scorching summer days bearable. Hot weather is fun for outdoor activities, but it quickly turns into a nightmare for indoor environments.

air coolr f832 before and after

Unless your house is equipped with proper air conditioning, your summer won’t be a great experience. Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 is the best solution for long-lasting summer relief.

Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 is both an air cooler and a humidifier.

It humidifies the air, making it clean and healthy. It will be beneficial for your skin and sinuses.

It’s lightweight, compact, and small. You can take this portable air conditioning unit everywhere, to stay at the perfect temperature all the time. Take it to your bedroom or your work office. Stay cool & fresh at all times.

Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 comes with a 2000mAh long-lasting battery. It will last for days without needing a recharge. Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 charges quickly with the included USB type C cable.

Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 Will Make Hot Days Bearable

Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 is adjustable. It comes with three different fan speeds that you can select for your personal preference. Customize it to your liking for different indoor environments such as bedroom, dining room, or work office.

Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 personal air conditioning unit is easy to use. The removable water tank makes the maintenance very simple. All you have to do is refill the tank with water.

You will have comfortable, fresh, and cool air in just a few seconds. With a simple push of a button, your house will turn into your favorite relaxing place.

Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 Has Three Cooling Technologies

Water Curtain

air coolr f832 watercurtain

By soaking the water curtain in water, you get instant cooling.
Evaporation takes away the heat for pleasant cool air.

Refillable Water Tank

refillable water tank

You can easily refill the removable water tank with water.
It will be very beneficial for your skin and sinuses.

Ionization Technology


The ionizer cleans the air and makes it healthier. It generates negative ions that adhere to dirty particulates
that can be harmful to you. It weighs them down so they won’t be able to get into your lungs.

Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 Features

Customizable – It can create a cooling breeze or be switched to a regular fan, all in a matter of a few seconds.

Keeps you healthy – It can operate as a humidifier. If you suffer from dry air or stuffed sinuses, then Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 is the perfect solution for you.

Adjustable – It comes with three different fan speed that you can customize to your personal preference.

Quiet operation – It doesn’t make loud and obnoxious noises when operating. You can relax, work, and study quietly.

Portable – Lightweight and compact. Easy to carry due to its size. You can take it anywhere with you to stay at a perfect temperature.

Long-lasting battery life – Rechargeable 2000mAh battery. It can recharge with a USB type C cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take it with me to my work office?

Yes, due to its portability, you can take it anywhere you go. It’s lightweight and easy to carry.

Does it have a long-lasting battery life?

Yes, it features a 2000mAh long-lasting battery. It’s safe to use, and it will last you for days without needing a recharge.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instructions manual will be included in the package.


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Customer Reviews

Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 – Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

  1. Barry Talbert

    I used to wake up every night completely drenched in sweat, I once tried sleeping with my window open but that was a mistake. I woke up that morning with a throat stabbing pain and a fever. I thought that if I continue like this I would just be sick my whole life…..anyway Blaux F832 has been a life changing experience for me. I finally can get a good night’s sleep.

  2. Gloria Garcia

    I went to visit my grandma for a week on her cute little house. I have so memories there and often go for visits just for the fun of it. But, I gotta say the last time I went, I regretted it at first (don’t tell my grandma). The house was very VERY hot, I was like “grandma how can you stay in this heat?!?!”. She told me that at some point she got used to it.

    I immediately looked for a solution and came across this portable ac. I ordered and it arrived in good shape, which surprised me because a lot of products don’t come with good packaging. I opened it, set it up, and ahh the cooling breeze started to blow, we just looked at each other and smiled, it was magical lol.

    My grandma now calls me daily to thank me about it, she says that I’ll get all the cookies when I go next time. Basically I’m the favorite again :))))

  3. Juana Brunner

    Me and my roommates live in a small two bedroom apartment and honestly it can turn into a sauna there especially during the day, and sometimes we would get into a fight about nothing. We decided to stop this nonsense and find a solution. We found this product and ordered it, when it arrived we immediately tuned it on. The quality is great, the wind is very good, the heat was gone in a few moments. Now we almost never fight anymore…..unless when it comes to washing the dishes.

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