Blaux Personal Fan – Wearable Air Conditioner, Portable Wearable AC

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  • Wearable Air Conditioning Unit: It can easily fit around your neck.
  • Powerful Fans: Designed to blow fresh air while filtering out harmful micro-organisms at the same time.
  • Comfortable To Wear: Lightweight and functions quietly. It accommodates all sizes.
  • Adjustable:¬†It lets you adjust fan speed, airflow, and even the physical size to your personal preference.¬†
  • Three Adjustable Fan Speeds:
    • Low: For cooler summer mornings or evenings.
    • Medium: For late mornings and late afternoons.
    • High: For noon and peak sun hours.
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Stay Cool With Blaux Personal Fan

Blaux Personal Fan is a personal portable air-conditioning unit that can fit comfortably around your neck. It is portable and lightweight. It’s comfortable to wear and designed to accommodate all sizes.

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Blaux Personal Fan provides a constant stream of clean and fresh air. Anytime and anywhere. Blaux Personal Fan is equipped with active, powerful fans designed to blow fresh air and filter out harmful micro-organisms at the same time. The fan also has adjustable speed modes. It will keep you fresh, healthy, and protected.

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This product has a long-lasting battery that is suitable for completing your daily routines. When it’s active, blowing cool & fresh air, it lasts for a full day. Unlike other fan products, you won’t have to charge it 3-4 times a day.

Blaux Personal Fan Is Easy To Use

Blaux Personal Fan is designed to be as simple as possible. It’s easy to install and use. Instructions will be included in the package. The installation will take just a few seconds, and maintenance is effortless.

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You only have to clean the filters occasionally to avoid accumulating humidity from condensation when cooling the air. 

Blaux Personal Fan Advantages

  • Saves you money on your electricity bill while cooling small areas.
  • It has both cold and heat functions.¬†
  • It requires the most minimal and simplest maintenance.
  • It’s affordable, it doesn’t require you to make investments in technical personnel for its installation.

Blaux Personal Fan Specifications

  • Dimensions:
    • 35mm(thickness)
    • 199 mm(width)
    • 222 mm(height)
  • Color:
    • White
  • Battery capacity:
    • 3000mAh
  • Fan speed levels:
    • Low¬†
    • Medium¬†
    • High¬†
  • Air volume
    • 1.9 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute)
  • Package
    • Blaux Personal Fan
    • Type-C Charging Cable
    • Instruction manual

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the battery?

It contains a 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery that is conveniently powered using a standard USB cable. Charge it overnight, and you’re ready to wear it all day.¬†

Does it get hot on my neck?

No, it blows clean, filtered air around you. It effectively whisks away the heat. 

I have long hair, is that going to be a problem?

It won’t be a problem. It has been made with patented technology to keep your hair or clothes from being caught into the fan.


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Customer Reviews

Blaux Personal Fan – Wearable Air Conditioner, Portable Wearable AC Reviews

  1. Katlyn Fleming

    I was skeptical at first but was pleasantly surprised! This product is amazing. Fans work really quietly and don’t cause any distractions. Really comfortable and portable, I can wear it almost anywhere! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants always to be cool, no matter the weather conditions.

  2. Keith Chen

    I have been using this device for a month now, and I have a thoroughly thought pros and cons list. It may help someone with making the decision.

    + Cools you and keeps your neck cool.
    + Lasts for an entire day.
    + Comfortable to wear.
    + Modern design, I get a lot of compliments for it.

    – It doesn’t come in different colors.

  3. Alec Cobb

    I love this neck fan! I can literally take it anywhere I go. I went to my favorite park the other day, and even though it was scorching hot, I felt fresh and cool all the time.

    What I love about this device is that it delivers cool air immediately after turning it on, and it is very comfortable. Feels good, and the battery life is great. I have been using it for about a week now, and there is no change in functionality. Would recommend!

  4. Marlene George

    I got Blaux Personal Fan as a birthday gift and to this day it is the best present I’ve ever gotten. I wear it everywhere and it always keeps me cool.

  5. Dale Johnson

    This product is amazing. It literally makes me want to go for walks again and it keeps my healthy. I highly recommend it to everyone that is trying to be healthy.

  6. Maria Gossett

    I always get hot when I go jogging and lose the motivation to do so, but Blaux Personal Fan changed that, now I feel fresh while working out and more energetic too.

  7. Ray C. Burton

    My life at work has become so much easier thanks to Blaux Personal Fan. I highly recommend it.

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