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Aqua Pure Straw is the new advanced straw with a built-in filtering system. It effectively removes any bacteria or parasites in the water. Its compact design makes it possible to store it anywhere you want, in your purse, backpack, and pocket. Have clean freshwater wherever you go.

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Introducing Aqua Pure Straw

Maintain your well-being and peace of mind. Aqua Pure Straw will make drinking from anywhere safe and healthy. It is your portable line of defense against bacteria and parasites.

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Aqua Pure Straw is safe for use and the perfect gadget for outdoor activities. You can go hiking, walking, or jogging and drink from rivers or streams without worry. Aqua Pure Straw is a specialized portable straw.

It uses an advanced charcoal filtering system. It filters water effectively, removing all bacteria. Aqua Pure Straw makes all water drinkable from everywhere.

It’s lightweight, compact, and small. You can take this portable advanced straw everywhere. Take it to your bedroom or your work office. Drink healthy water from anywhere.

Aqua Pure Straw completely filters out many threats that could make us sick. It will provide clean, fresh drinking water everywhere you are. Aqua Pure Straw will remove 99.99% of any bacteria.

Aqua Pure Straw Will Make Water Healthy Anywhere

Aqua Pure Straw is the perfect accessory to throw in the bag when you are doing outdoor activities. Its compact design makes it possible to store it anywhere you want, in your purse, backpack, and pocket. Have clean fresh water wherever you go.

Aqua Pure Straw will effectively remove any parasite in the water. You don’t have to be concerned anymore about drinking straight from the river. This advanced filtering straw will make river water just as clean as bottled water.

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You will have healthy, fresh, and cool water anytime you want. Usage is just the same as any other straw. The filtering system is top-notch. As you take sips, the water will pass through several layers and pre-filter systems to remove bacteria.

The Best Portable Water Filtration Device

Protect yourself against water bacteria with Aqua Pure Straw. You can store it anywhere you want. Its modern design will make it the perfect accessory. Whether you’re going hiking or camping, you can always be comfortable knowing you can drink water anytime you want.

Drink waters straight from the river with no worry. The filtered water will be just as clean as distilled water. Be the hero of your friend’s group by providing them with fresh and clean water.

Aqua Pure Straw efficiently filters out all of the hazards that might make us sick and provides us, no matter where we are, with a source of new, clean drinking water. It is safe to use and suitable for a lifestyle on the go.

The compact design makes it simple to store anything the size of a pen in your purse, suitcase, pocket, or practically anywhere you can store it. You’ll have added peace of mind no matter where you go, knowing you will still have access to safe drinking water.

Aqua Pure Straw Usage

Getting Started

getting started

Open the package. There is no experience needed. It is the same usage as a regular straw.

Filtered Water

filtered water

You will immediately notice the filter system and how lightweight it is.
Simply place one end into the water and the other end into your mouth.

Clean River Water

clean river water

Drink clean and freshwater. 100% safe guaranteed.
It filters water effectively, removing all bacteria and parasites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it 100% safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% safe guaranteed.

Can I drink water straight from the river?

Yes, the water will be filtered out by the built-in filtering system.

Will it remove all bacteria and pesticides?

Yes, it will 100% remove all bacteria and pesticides.

Can I store it in my pocket?

Yes, the compact design makes it simple to store anything the size of a pen in your purse, suitcase, pocket, or practically anywhere you can store it.


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Customer Reviews

Aqua Pure Straw – Personal Water Filter Straw Reviews

  1. Timothy Ford

    I had to come back and do a review on this product!! I was so skeptical at first, but I went out of my way and ordered it. When it arrived I basically ran to the nearest river, the moment when I took a sip, it was like drinking from a bottle of Fiji water. It is definitely worth it!!

  2. Joel Bennett

    This product makes me the hero friend. I can always provide my friends with water whenever we go camping, because our friend John would drink all the water we would bring lol.

  3. Carolina Sampson

    Me and my husband love to go hiking on the weekends. It is our way of relaxing and disconnecting from the world. We love everything about hiking. The mountain views, the walking, the cute animals we spot. Even though we feel tired, it is all worth it.

    Our biggest problem is drinking water, don’t get me wrong we find a lot of rivers but the water there isn’t drinkable at all. We would often get so thirsty that we would stop hiking and get back home.
    That is, until one day our hiking friend Sheila suggested Aqua Pure Straw, she said it would make it possible for us to drink river water. I mean, we always would see Sheila drink water from rivers but we thought that maybe she doesn’t care about the germs and bacteria. We thought wrong!

    It is a water filtering system inside a straw…I know crazy, right?
    We tried it and we were so amazed!! The water was so clean, it felt like it was from the store. Absolutely loved it!! Now it’s our essential item that we have with all the time.

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